Sunday, February 17, 2019

Gila!, Fast Cars, Monster, and a Great Cat-Fight

Decades passed and we all clamored for a remake of "The Giant Gila Monster." Finally...we have it. Hey, by the way...remember how great Kelli Maroney looked as a Uzi-wielding cheerleader in "Night of the Comet"? Well, she'll look fantastic here with a six-shooter holstered to her hip. babes with guns, big monsters, fast cars and some hunks will carry 2012's "Gila!" Oh yes, this was directed by Jim Wynorski.
Don (Brian Patrick McCulley) and his sultry date Betty (Adrienne Atkins) are attacked by a giant Gila monster. Simultaneously, cute hunk Chase (Brian Gross) races his hot-rod as his sultry GF Lisa (Madeline Voges) watches with pride. Uh oh...and old rival, Waco Bob (Jesse Janzen) and his trouble-making GF Carla (Christina DeRosa) arrive. Carla and Lisa give each other the once-over with a promise for a great cat-fight. Chase and Waco Bob obviously have a score to settle. Meanwhile our giant creature friend eats cattle and farmers as Sheriff Parker (Terence Knox) and Deputy Wilma (Maroney) investigate.
After a mysterious auto wreck Chase sees the beast and teams up with the sheriff to save the town before the thing eats it. This won't be easy as Waco Bob decides to try to murder Chase and Carla will do her best to steal Chase from Lisa. Lisa won't take this affront lying down and attacks Carla...yes!!! Machine guns and nitroglycerin will be used and explosions and gunfights will dot our plot. As Lisa and Carla exude gratuity, a very sad fate will await Deputy Wilma. Don't be addition to the gritty realism of "Gila!", a sickeningly sweet and sappy drama unfolds that pays homage to the original 1959 classic.
Will Chase, the Sheriff, and their posse end the reign of the monster? Will Carla and Lisa rip each others false eyelashes and clothes off? Does Chase need to fear Waco Bob and his six-shooter more than the creature? Its always great to see Kelli Maroney and fans of the original classic will love the treatment Jim Wynorski has for it. For some fun, great beefcake and cheesecake, and guns...see "Gila!"


  1. More like a giant salamander, gila in indonesian, means crazy, i'd say gobbling up a few farmers wouldn't be a bad thing - they always complain yet drive the latest pick up. Wonderful review, it's what makes B grade tick. Loved Wacko Bob!!

  2. Looks interesting, I haven’t seen the original