Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Alligator X, Damsels in the Swamp

There is beauty in the swamp if you look in the right places. In 2014's "Alligator X" (aka "Xtinction: Predator X") the beauty isn't hard to find. A sultry brunette wearing a push up bra, a very tight skirt and very high heels tromps through the bayou in much peril. Even better, a hot blonde...Mandy (Lacey Minchew). This isn't the gal Barry Manilow sung about...no way. This feisty vixen will be pummeled by white swamp trash, sexually assaulted repeatedly by those fiends, chased by a monster, sexually assaulted and pummeled some more...and through it all...she blows up things...lots of things. You will have to watch the entire film to see if she blows up Alligator X.
A mad scientist, Charles (Mark Sheppard) enters the Louisiana swamp with his new creation. He has cloned some prehistoric dinosaur and seeks to breed it. He and his white trash henchmen kidnap schmucks and feed it to the thing. The sultry brunette, Laura (Elena Lyons) returns to the swamp from New Orleans when she finds out her dad is missing. She is also Charles'  ex. The tight-skirted clad babe immediately starts making goo-goo eyes at  Sheriff Tim (Lochlyn Munro)...yep, the two fall in love. Sheriff Tim will prove quite useless in this film so we will not mention him again.
Taking over her pop's business, Laura takes Mandy and her fiance on a swamp tour. They'll all be abducted. The fiance will be fed to the monster and the swamp trash will have their way with Mandy. Charles arrives and tries to force Laura to sell him pop's land...perfect breeding ground for the monster.
As Mandy continues to get beat-up and assaulted, she gets mad. Uh oh for Charles and the bayou white trash...the gals escape. Now the two beauties are trudging through the bayou with a mad scientist, swamp trash, and a monster chasing them. Laura may have spunk but Mandy has a penchant for fire, bombs, and arson...you'll fall in love with this vixen.
Will Mandy blow up Alligator X before she is impregnated by the swamp trash? Will Laura's very sexy wardrobe win her any points with a monster that wants to eat her? Will the fact that the swamp boys want to rape Mandy and not Laura cause strife between these two beauties? Finding beauty in the swamp was very easy in "Alligator X" (directed by Amir Valinia). Let us hope someday Mandy becomes the subject of a graphic novel series...or made for Syfy TV show.


  1. This one ripped in all the right place, don't give me ideas for my next post, wonderful action packed review here.

  2. I'm always up for a fun monster flick thanks for the heads up Christopher added to my list :)