Saturday, January 12, 2019

I Come In Peace, Intergalactic Drug War

"Peace" is a funny word. Like "love," no one's definition of it is the same. Your definition of "peace" may be my definition of "enslavement." The Peace (anti-nuclear) Movement of the 1980s failed miserably because anti-nuclear activists couldn't convince anyone they weren't Communists in sheep's clothing. In the world of malignant space aliens, their definition of "peace" may be our ruination. Hence 1990's "I Come In Peace" (aka "Dark Angel") starring Dolph Lundgren.
An undercover drug deals goes bad...very bad. Detective Jack Caine's partner is killed and a seven-foot albino space alien (Matthias Hues) shows up. This alien kills most of the bad guys with a space weapon before Jack can come onto the scene. A Houston drug cartel is ticked and blame Jack for ruining their business. Our alien friend is an intergalactic drug dealer and starts killing schmucks. The monster kills, then sucks out his victim's brain fluid and mixes it with heroine he stole from the dead cartel baddies. His plan is to feed off humans, stealing their brain fluid, make more drugs and sell the drugs on his home planet.
Enter Jay Bilas...Duke basketball star...but in this film, an intergalactic narc. He chases the albino monster through Houston as Jack does the same. Jack teams up with an FBI agent (Brian Benben) and successfully irritates the albino.  Some neat chase scenes and lots of kills by the monster...and gunfights keep this action/horror flick interesting. Everything points to a final conflict with Dolph Lundgren and the albino alien...but first there will be a great battle with those two, Houston cops, the drug cartel, and maybe another irritant or two. The final confrontation will be classic Dolph Lundgren and will include some neat one-liners.
Will Dolph Lundgren team up with Jay Bilas and perhaps make this ESPN commentator semi-interesting? Will the albino space creature or the FBI be more of an irritant to Dolph Lundgren? Will Dolph Lundgren's Earth-man weapons be any match for the albino's space weapons? I guess the "Just Say No" campaign did not take hold outside our solar system (...or inside it, either). For some neat 1990 scifi/horror, see one of Dolph Lundgren's best films, "I Come In Peace."