Thursday, January 10, 2019

6 Models in Hell, Torture of the Beautiful

Ahhhh...vanity! Not always a likable trait. Being beautiful is one thing...knowing you're beautiful can be downright ugly. In the cut-throat world of fashion modelling, beauty can be skin deep. This will be unfortunate for three babes and three hunks as an ominous presence will get below their skin with all sorts of cutting tools. Hence 2012's Simi Van Scoy film "6 Models in Hell."
Six models answer an ad and show up at a mysterious warehouse. Toni (Nikiya Palombi) is a Russian beauty. Sharon (Joale Norris) is a buxom egotistical slut. Tiffani (Jennifer Renee price) is a clueless blonde ditz. Joe (Krishna Tailor) is a GQ type steeped in vanity. Laura (Erica Saben) is a beauty of a tomboy. Mark (Jose Rosete) is a linebacker type who rapes women. Joining them is an actor, the mysterious Glenn (Tony Slade). As they all meet, several cat-fights brew and the guys throw around their testosterone. Insults are flung and cruelty rules the day. Exotic Toni and Glenn seem to be into each other and it appears Tiffani still isn't over Mark's humiliating rape of her. Uh oh...some mysterious women appear and they may be ghosts.
After a weird elevator ride, the models get separated and Glenn appears to all of them...not as an actor but as a tormentor. Glenn will oversee their torture and dismemberment. Hooks, castration, scalpels and other torture devices will be used. The beautiful and handsome are now facing their character flaws and justice is being meted out. Some of the beautiful will die quickly, others will undergo horrendous torture. But wait! Is there an escape? As Glenn emerges as a demon, at least one of the models may have a way out...and it won't be with weapons or keys.
Will Tiffani be able to turn the tables on her rapist, Mark? If Toni does get to have pre-marital sex with Glenn, will she ...well...forget I even went there. Just what is the way out and do any of these miserable sorts have what it takes to escape? Low budget all the way "6 Models in Hell" is a morality tale with some nice acting. Not always an easy film to watch despite the easy on the eyes actors and actresses, this film is a sleeper that is infinitely better than "Aquaman."

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  1. I can see Suying and Goh influences, your writing has gone up a level with your new books in progress