Monday, January 28, 2019

Dead Stop, Monster vs. College Kids

What's worse than the cops breaking up your college keg party? Yep, when its broken up by a hairy, toothy monster with big claws. I hate when that happens. Hence 2011's "Dead Stop." Here we have some great looking college kids, a great looking professor and his skank student/aide, and best of all...the creature. A mean creature who doesn't like intrusions into his territory, mind you. Yeah, it's one of those films where we are rooting for the monster, but that sentiment may not last until the end credits.
My favorite is Sarah (Nikki McKenzie). She's real pretty and no one likes her. Her boyfriend Josh (Brian Romian) will have pre-marital sex with Todd's (Michael Rupnow) GF Beth (Cathy Baron). No one pays much attention to this beauty except when she loses control and screams. Anyway, these kids and the hitchhiking professor Joe (Jon Briddell) and his GF Carolyn (Sarah Flannery) get lost and stranded in the desert. They drink a lot of beer, get wasted, burn incense and then everyone but Sarah has sex. Oh yeah, Peter the Goth (David Leigh) also doesn't have sex. At night strange noises are heard. Uh oh, its a creature stalking them.
The attacks start...whatever it is, its mean and ticked off and cuts through their van like razors through paper. As the creature gets bolder, it begins killing humans. One by one the beautiful sad. Oh yeah, human drama. Everyone finds out their GFs and BFs are having sex with others. Will they kill each other off before the monster gets them? The group formulates plans...some good plans...but clumsiness and stupidity ruin them. As cat-fights brew and Sarah tries to figure out who's eyes to scratch out first, Carolyn or Beth, the monster gets hungrier.
Will Carolyn take out any of the other babes before the grouchy monster gets them...or her? Will the 42 year old Professor Joe find a plan to kill the creature before organizing an orgy? If every human hates the sultry Sarah, will the monster take a liking to her? A minor, but good, creature-hunts-college-kids flick with some great looking actors and actresses. The kills will be gory and heartbreaking, at times. Directed by Jonas Stone, see "Dead Stop" and wonder what Roger Corman would have done with this story...perhaps that would not have served Sarah well.


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    1. Great review Christopher! Where do ya find these movies?

  2. It has real potential, if it had a catfight!!!

  3. I completely forgot about this movie. Gonna have to add Dead Stop back into my queue.


  4. Sounds good fun & a bit like Jeepers Creepers 2 (albeit hopefully not directed by a raging child molesting predator :O), very nice review Christopher, have been looking for something new to watch so will hunt about for this one, thanks for the heads up mate. :)