Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Early Grave, Not Everyone Stays Dead

Okay...don't yell at me. I liked this film! Hey, it's better than anything Mila Kunis has ever been in. 2013's "Early Grave" is a low-budget slasher flick set and filmed in Maine. A great looking cast portray some great looking characters who are put in much peril. If nothing else, "Early Grave" leaves us with a message we can all relate to, that is if you kill someone don't be surprised if he/she comes back to hunt you down. I hate when that happens.
While in high school, seven friends pull a prank that leads to the demise of Tim (Nathan White). Scared and unwilling to jeopardize their futures, the seven friends bury the body and never talk about Tim ever again. Fast forward to today, all our amateur murderers are successful members of society. Mysteriously, Sally (Kayla Harrity) summons her six friends to spend the week-end at her Maine estate. She's a rich horror writer and the friends haven't kept in touch. This uncomfortable reunion will take on a horrific twist, but first...the drama.
Dana (Yerania Del Orbe), a big shot attorney now arrives and so does Gretchen (Kimberly Giardino)), now a housewife. They will rekindle a lesbian affair they had. Virginia (Kimbette Fenol) and Jack (Nathaniel Sylva) will engage in passionate pre-marital sex. Jim (Justin Brown) is a porn star and Lionel (Alexander Merrill) is just plain annoying and we all hope he gets it soon. Sally tells them she has seen Tim, thought to be dead, stalking her and a reporter called her wanting to do a story on his disappearance. The friends are  now beginning to panic. Then the killings start. The weapon of choice...a sickle. As the friends begin dying, messages in blood are written on their stomachs, like "whore" and "vengeance." One by one, the haphazard reunion gets smaller and smaller.
Has Tim really come back from the grave? Is Sally the horror writer merely putting her former friends, and witnesses to her wrong doing, through a potential story she will write? Who will die first, the lesbians making out, or the heterosexuals having pre-marital sex? Director Kevin DiBacco does a fine job in giving us a very likable slasher film.


  1. What a review, it just flows, a nife thu butter but without the 'k' cos' it's so sleek, nice one buddy!! I see where you get your ideas from, massacra??

  2. I bet it was the Horror writer as she had writer's block or something so did the murders to inspire her next novel! I saw something similar on Dexter once!:D This sounds like good trashy fun Christopher & thanks for the heads up, added to my (EFFIN HUGE at this point! :O) watchlist, very nice review mate :)