Monday, April 23, 2018

Hideous!, Mutants and a Topless Gorilla

It is the most off-beat heist scenes ever put on film. Picture this...on a snow covered Pennsylvania road a beautiful slut, topless, with leather hot-pants, and disguised with a gorilla mask robs a French man, at gunpoint of a mutant fetus. Yep, this is a Charles Band epic...1997's "Hideous!" There is something so right about that scene...what?  Who knows.
The crew at a sewage treatment plant finds a grotesque fetus mixed in with human waste. This monstrosity ends up in the hands of fetus broker Belinda (Tracie May). She arranges to sell the ugly thing to fetus collector Napoleon Lazar (Mel Jackson, Jr.). This infuriates the mad-scientist, Dr. Lorca (Michael Citriniti), who covets the thing for his collection. The blonde skank receptionist, Elvina (Rhonda Griffin) tips Lorca off and the aforementioned heist is arranged. With Lorca in possession of this mutant fetus, Belinda and Lazar hire private eye Kantor (Jerry O'Donnell)  to retrieve the thing.
After getting the sultry Elvina to confess, this quartet heads over to Lorca's castle to retrieve the goods. Uh oh...the fetus wasn't dead.  The mutated thing not only busts out of its specimen jar, but is able to animate three other mutant fetuses.  Now the four fiends are loose in Lorca's castle.
Unbeknownst to the humans, the fiends begin to communicate and get smarter. As the humans bicker, and the constantly topless Sheila (Jacqueline Lovell), the one with the gorilla mask, then holds Kantor, Belinda, and Elvina at gunpoint before locking them up. Discovering his fetuses are missing, Lorca desperately tries to find them. The monsters are growing in intellect...and libido...quickly and they begin to move on the humans. The skank Elvina will be sexually assaulted in what some may consider a tasteless scene, and her demise will be least to the lovelorn fetus that assaulted her. With the fetuses gaining in smarts, and the humans bickering, the advantage would appear to go to the monsters.
With Elvina gone, will the horny fetus accost either Belinda or Sheila? What do the mutants have in mind for their mad-scientist captor, Lorca? Will Sheila, the skank with the leather hot-pants, ever put a top on? This is a fun one and the gratuitous scenes will warm the heart.  The slimy mutants are creepy and revolting and their desire for beautiful women is right out of a Roger Corman work. For some intellectual entertainment, ripped out of today's headlines, enjoy "Hideous!"

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