Thursday, April 12, 2018

Death Truck, Carnage and Gratuitous Nudity in a Comic

SCREEEECH! A monster truck! AIEEEEEHHHH! Families torn apart, limb from limb! WHOOOOOAAA! A demented lesbian mechanic and her stripper lover! Horror fans seeking blood red carnage and gratuitous nudity and sex...Paul PJ Johnson has made a graphic novel for all of us..."Death Truck." As the creator, writer, and illustrator, Mr. Johnson takes us on a 120 page ride which screams sex and violence the whole time as horror and science fiction blend. For those of us who loved 1974's "Killdozer" as children, we now have a vicious Rated R version to shock us adults.
Where did it come from? You'll find out, and the answer is wild. In the meantime a killer truck is plowing through Texas. Destruction and mayhem, and homicide is its only goal and anyone in its way, the more innocent the better, is torn apart by this mechanical fiend. Motorcyclists, joyriders, and families just getting out of church are torn limb from limb in very gory fashion. Enter our nymphomaniac-lesbian Cat...a tough mechanic with a stripper GF. Tough as nails, and just what the truck needs. In addition to the carnage, this thing possesses Cat and puts her at the wheel. No longer a lesbian nympho mechanic, but now the driver of a horrific mechanized beast. Oh yeah...the demented General Claymore. We have to give this General Patton wannabe credit...he wants the truck. His goal is capture and then...I guess use it as his own weapon. Under total control of the truck, Cat drives the thing through Texas and won't stop until everyone is dead.
What is this thing and why is it doing such horrible things to the Lone Star State? The answers come in the second half of the comic. Enter a weird escaped mass murderer with a mysterious knowledge of the devil.  As Cat and the machine leave a trail of blood, guts, and bodies across the red landscape, her only salvation may be the mysterious fiend who might be a mass child murderer. As our general, and the cops close in on this travesty, Cat and her pursuer may be the only hope to save mankind from a truck that makes Killdozer look like Thomas the Tank Engine. No spoilers here, but what unfolds will be gratuitous (in nudity and gore) and unrelenting.
Paul PJ Johnson has created a vicious and blood splattered graphic novel that earns a hard Rated R (just the way we like 'em). The artistry captures the violence and horror...and of course the blood, so well. Everything in this world is loud, including the sex and nudity which match the blood and severed limbs in intensity. The ending is shocking and the reveal is one that will make you gasp. Nothing in this story will be easy, including the fate of our ready to wince. For some violent and gory artwork which tells a great exploitation horror-scifi story, read Mr. Johnson's "Death Truck."

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