Saturday, April 21, 2018

Daylight's End, Vampires Do Dallas

Dallas is overrun, but fear not. The Dallas Police Department is still protecting and serving. Even better, guess who their chief is? Lance Henriksen! When vampires overtake your city, this is the guy you want fighting for you! Hence 2016's "Daylight's End." Fans of "The Walking Dead" (Season 1) and "The Road Warrior" will love this one. Hordes of vampires, well armed survivors, and plenty of machine guns...YES!!!
Three years ago a plague wiped out the world. Plague? Yep, turned most people into vampires (perhaps this plot device alone provides all the social commentary we need). Dallas' only survivors have fortified themselves into the DPD headquarters. Along comes Rourke (Johnny Strong). A Mad Max type guy who hails from New York. He has been killing vampire hordes ever since the plague took his wife. After several cops are ambushed by human scum, Rourke saves the very pretty Samantha (Chelsea Edmundson). Sam brings Rourke back to the DPD and the chief doesn't trust him. Uh oh...the vampires attack every night, but lately they are organized and led by an alpha-vampire (Krzysztof Sorzynski). The survivors have a plan to caravan to a working airplane and fly to a survival colony in Baja.  Rourke has a different plan.
Rourke believes the destruction of the alpha will destroy the vampire horde. The horde dwells in an old hotel, and Rourke wants to raid it and kill the alpha. The chief doesn't have enough faith in his new drifter pal to go along with him. As the vampires find ways into the DPD, and survivors start getting eaten, they better do something fast. Uh oh...the alpha seems to recognize Rourke, and he him...or it. The two seem to have a history and the alpha and Rourke are headed for a showdown...Texas style.
Will Rourke prevail against the alpha-monster? Is the plan to fly an airplane to Baja as stupid as it sounds? Will Sam and Rourke hook-up, or is Sam destined to be a vampire bride? Where is all this ammo coming from, three years after the apocalypse? Directed by William Kaufman, "Daylight's End" is an action-packed, shoot 'em up man versus vampire horde film.  For those of us ruing the demise of "The Walking Dead," enjoy this flick which captures all the good which originally endeared us to that show.

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  1. Would be great if Debby did a walk in, and treated the vampires to some real blood sucking action!!