Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Sinful Dwarf, Sex Slaves and a Midget

A faded and disfigured canteen singer performing "Chu Chu Bamba." A demented and perverted dwarf. Three nubile beauties turned into sex slaves. From Denmark we take a look at 1973's "The Sinful Dwarf." Warning, this film has no socially redeeming value and a mention of it in polite company will relegate you to an outcast to be avoided at all costs.  So as we have been warned.
As our story begins, Olaf (Torben Bille), a weird dwarf, lures a Danish beauty (Jeanette Marsden) to his rooming house where he clubs her unmercifully, addicts her to heroine, tortures her, strips her, and turns her into a sex slave. Nothing unusual here for Olaf and his mom, Lila (Clara Keller) the scarred has-been nightclub performer. Their new gig? After addicting girls to heroine, they charge perverted guys to go up and do whatever they want to them. Rape, whippings, or other tortures are the most popular pleasures. After a few doses of the narcotic, the gals are reduced to drooling drones only too happy to please Olaf and Lila.
Desperate for a cheap room, the very sultry Mary (Anne Sparrow) and her husband Peter (Tony Eades) arrive at the boarding house. After taking a gander at Mary, and seeing her potential, Lila rents them a room. Olaf is happy as he peeks through a peep-hole at the naked Mary, especially when she is having marital sex with Peter. As Olaf and Lila wait for a chance to turn Mary into an addicted sex-slave, we are treated to Lila's nightclub act covering up the moans and screams of the three existing slaves. The torture porn (a literal in this film) is overwhelming and gratuitous, and naive Mary seems no match for the evil that is about to enslave her.
Will Mary emerge from this nightmare? What of the fate of the three existing slaves? Has Torben Bille's performance as the fiendish Olaf typecast dwarfs in Hollywood to weird miscreants? This is a dirty and violent one and after seeing it, you might want a very long shower. Directed by Eduardo Fuller, for some extreme sexploitation, see "The Sinful Dwarf" at your own peril.


  1. Let's pray Eli Roth is too busy for the remake. This sounds dreadful like Human Centipede dreadful. You know what is happening but yet you can't turn away.....good review, Christopher.

  2. Lol I first saw this uncut with the xxx inserts in the cinema at a horror festival, which was an interesting experience to say the very least,this one's right up there with Bloodsucking Freaks (1976) in terms of indefensible, trashy no redeeming value at all whatsoever fun & I really should revisit it actually. Nice review as always Christopher, I found this one a sleazy hoot. :)