Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Super Babes, Heroines Turned to Damsels

You have to love the folks at Secret Identity Films. Fans of this blog have read about their masterpieces featuring beautiful super-heroines in tight shiny costumes and hooker boots. These heroines usually end up abducted, chloroformed, beaten, tortured, humiliated, stripped and raped (by villain and villainess). Sometimes they survive the end of the films, but always soiled and subdued. Hence 2014's anthology film, "Super Babes."
In an adrenaline boost to the fetishes of Japanese men, let us look at the trio of tales in this anthology. "Cosmic Girl: Battle Arena" features Alisha Adams as the sultry Cosmic Girl. Clad in a tight, white costume (which will be torn to pieces), she falls into a trap and now is a prisoner of Lady Roulette. The beautiful Lady Roulette abducts super heroines to fight in her on-line TV show 'Meta-Battle." Cosmic Girl will have to fight an opponent three times her size, Titanium Man. As Lady Roulette has stripped Cosmic Girl of most of her powers, Cosmic Girl will have quite a humiliating time of her contest.  Will she be able to regain her powers and fight back against her abductor?
Cosmic Girl in distress
Next, "Black Diamond: Search for the Soul Taker" features Maddie as Black Diamond. She has infiltrated the warehouse of an evil organization in search of a weapon that steals souls. She'll be grabbed, groped, spanked, and have her costume ripped apart in the process. She'll find the soul taker, but her nemesis has plans for her that will violate her and leave her weak and vulnerable. Can our heroine fight back? Finally, CJ the Model in the title role in "Live Wire." The evil Queen Zentra (Doxy Love) has come to conquer the Earth.  Live Wire, in a tight green leotard and the aforementioned hooker boots attempts to stop her. Zentra is smart and subdues Live Wire. Zentra plans on turning Live Wire into one of her slaves, and to do that, must rape her. She and her evil henchman, Brute, will take turns and Live Wire must resist or be their slave for eternity.
Queen Zentra rapes Live Wire
The three heroines in "Super Babes" will get their lunch handed to them, big time. They will be spanked, stripped, and enslaved. Not all of them, if any, will prevail, but defeated super-heroines are a trademark of Secret Identity Films. Why are these films so appealing? I'm not even going to touch that one. Cheesy, and possessing the morals and tenets of 1970s exploitation films, "Super Babes" is infinitely more entertaining than the preachy, modern day superhero offerings.
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  1. Is this a B movie or soft core porn? I approach this one like Red Shoe Diaries. Especially the one featuring David Duchovny naked in the fetal position on the floor. Wondering why the hell am I watching this & WTF just happened? Good review, Christopher.