Sunday, October 29, 2017

Terror at Baxter U, Spartans Dismembered

Lots of great looking college kids in much peril from a bloodsucking beast! Yep...a plot line that can't fail. 2003's "Terror at Baxter U" should have been titled "Nubile Michigan State University Babes and Hunks Torn to Pieces." Okay, so my title is a bit contrived, but our feature today was made at Michigan State and Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Whatever virtues possessed by Ohio State and the University of Michigan and other Big 10 institutions, the kudos go to Michigan State for releasing a slasher film filled with blood spatter and decapitations.
Mary Lewis before being gutted
As our film begins two very hot Michigan State University students (Mary Lewis and Daniel Linton)  are engaging in pre-marital sex. A monster-thing intrudes, pulls apart the male and chases the coed, clad in intimate undies, through the anthropology building. As our nubile coed races through the corridors, our filmmakers seem to be saying "Hey Ohio State, we have hotter chicks than you do!" She'll then be decapitated and have her blood drained.  The cops, Lt. Emil Klinger (Ron Blankenhorn) and Detective Barbara McIntosh (Amy Vanden Berghe) respond. Uh oh, Lt. Emil finds an ancient Mexican (Aztec) amulet at the crime scene suggusting these killings may have been some sort of ritualistic sacrifice...after all, this is Michigan State.
Mary Lewis after being gutted
Lt. Emil connects these killings to similar ones that befell MSU 25 years earlier. Suspects? Oh yes, Professor Cassandra Dregstone (Janet Lockwood).  Dregstone has some connection to ancient Aztec rituals and tries to recruit nubile babes to participate in them.  The  slow and elderly Professor Moxie (Bill Vincent) suspects Dregstone and recruits his anthropology class to get to the bottom of this bloody mystery.  Uh oh, more great looking students get gutted and drained of blood and now the lovely Detective McIntosh gets an ax buried in her skull. As more nubile coeds and hunk underclassmen are shredded, Dregstone seems to be preparing for some grand Aztec ritual which will put the entire Big 10 in peril.
Professor Moxie and his class
Does Michigan State University have the hottest student body in the Big 10? Is the University of Michigan's refusal to counter this film an admission to that very point? Is there any stopping some demented Aztec deity from being resurrected in East Lansing, Michigan?  However amateurish this film class project is, the questions it poses are important and worth extensive debate. Directed by Jeff Burton, see "Terror at Baxter U," available on YouTube.

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  1. God! I so wish this was THE Ohio State. Anything with a the in front of it needs to die a horrible death befitting of a narcissist. This movie sounds like another House on Sorority Row mixed with Larry Cohen for good measure, hence the Aztec plot line. Good review, Christopher.