Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Living Dead Girl, Lesbian Vampire and Toxic Waste

Jean Rollin (who died in 2010) finished his film making career creating porn films. Before that, the French director made fantasy/horror movies featuring lesbian eroticism, vampires, and madness. Hence 1982's "The Living Dead Girl" (aka "La Morte Vivante"). I don't believe Mr. Rollin was influenced by Japanese horror, however, the spurting blood in this film will remind you of those Asian gore-fests.
An unfortunate grave robber
Two French schmucks seeking to get rid of some toxic waste decide to kill two birds with one stone. They break into the spacious crypt at the Castle Valmont, deposit their barrels of radioactive goo, and pry open the coffin of Catherine Valmont (Francoise Blanchard) and steal her jewelry. Earthquake! The barrels fall and spill their toxic waste creating fumes that reanimate Catherine. Catherine, a blonde beauty returns as a vampire-like vixen with sharp finger nails. She punctures out the eyes of her would be necrophiliac grave-robber and her blood drinking rampage begins. The zombie-like Catherine wanders out of the crypt and goes upstairs into the Valmont Castle where she begins remembering her lesbian lover, Helene (Marina Pierro).
Helene and Catherine
The castle is on the market so a sultry realtor and her lover stop by for pre-marital sex. Big mistake, as the two are in the throes of intercourse, Catherine arrives sending the blood of the lovers spurting. Helene figures out that Catherine is back and races to the castle. The two beautiful lovers have obstacles to overcome, such as Catherine only dines on human blood in her resurrected state. Helene lures pretty French women to the castle and Catherine feasts on them. Uh oh, an American photographer, Barbara (Carina Barone) shoots a picture of Catherine from a distance and returns to the castle to investigate.  Helene realizes the world is getting curious about reports of Catherine coming back from the dead. Catherine's kills are getting more graphic as now she punctures arteries and rips guts out of formerly stunning French women.
An over-the-top ending
What does Helene have in store for Catherine's future? Will the two be lovers again? Is Catherine's new appetite for human blood and guts an ominous omen for Helene's desire to be intimate with the resurrected beauty? Erotic and very gory, Jean Rollin's "The Living Dead Girl" will arouse you and turn yoiur stomach at the same time. Oh yes, be warned, the last 15 minutes will have you diverting your eyes in horror and disgust.


  1. Rob Zombie's bitchin song just ran thru my mind. Disgusting & horrific ending? Color me interested. I have seen Hostel & most of Human Centipede. Yikes.....good review, Christopher.

  2. Nice review as always Christopher I still haven't gotten around to catching this one yet & keep meaning to. I can usually take or leave "arthouse" horror & didn't think Rollin would be my cuppa tea, but surprisingly enough for me, I've so far enjoyed every film I've seen of his so will catch this one sooner rather than later, thanks for the reminder.