Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Xtro 2: The Second Encounter, Havoc from an Alternate Universe

Alternate universes rarely have blessings for us.  Whatever is over there tends not to like us.  In alternate universes, their inhabitants are not 'just like us'.  They usually have bigger teeth and more homicidal tendencies in their demeanor.  In 1990's "Xtro 2: The Second Encounter" this is the case.  For those of you familiar with the original "Xtro," you also know that rape and misogyny are also going to be key traits in beings from the other side.
Three unfortunates are sent into an alternate universe from a top-secret underground lab.  Only one returns.  Unfortunately for our Project Nexus scientists, the returning explorer is a babe named Marshall (Tracy Westerholm).  Yep, she was impregnated on the other side and a monster soon explodes out of her womb.  The lab, thousands of feet underground, is now under lock-down, quarantine, and in self-destruct mode.  We've all been there, I know.  As our toothy monster rips scientists apart and snoops for more nubile women, Dr. Julia (Tara Buckman) calls in her former lover, Dr. Ron Shepherd (Jan-Michael Vincent).  He is the only one ever to go and return from the other side.  Ron is deemed insane as he returned yapping about monsters.  So horrified by the other side, Ron destroyed Project Nexus' Texas facility.
Now the monster is loose in a very cavernous underground lab and has infected Julia's boss, Dr. Alex (Paul Koslo).  A tactical team attempts to track down the fiend, but even with heavy weaponry, the monster shreds most of them.  With the countdown clock running down, Julia and Ron must rekindle their former love affair, figure out how to kill the beast, and escape from the lab.  Is there room for pre-marital sex in a besieged top-secret underground facility?  Can we blame a monster from an alternate universe to want in on that love?
Like "Xtro," this sequel (which really isn't a sequel) was directed by Harry Bromley Davenport.  The action is explosive and the ending is quite chilling.  Not as taboo as the original, but fans of cheesy science fiction/horror will love it.  This film is more of a rip-off of "Alien" than a sequel to "Xtro."


  1. "The lab, thousands of feet underground, is now under lock-down, quarantine, and in self-destruct mode. We've all been there, I know."

    HAHAHAHA! Yeah, I call that phenomenon "Wednesday" O.o =))

  2. I love B movies. How did you ever find this movie?