Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bits and Pieces, Torture and Humiliation

Critics of 1980s slasher films were repulsed that this genre promoted misogyny.  Whether these films did promote that deviant behavior is debatable.  Fans of "Friday the 13th," "Prom Night," and "The Burning" grew up to be well adjusted members of society.  However, even in the slasher genre, a sub genre of torture and humiliation was harder to defend with these critics.  Today we look at 1985's "Bits and Pieces."  In this lurid film, a psycho abducts beautiful college coeds, tortures them, humiliates them, tortures them some more, and finally cuts them up into little pieces.
For a project in her psychology class, the stunning Rosie (Suzanna Smith) visits a male strip club with her note pad and BF Tanya (Sheila Lussier).  She probably should have done a paper on group behavior of 3rd graders.  Upon departing, Tanya is grabbed by Arthur (S.E. Zygmont).  Arthur, like he has done six times already, brings Tanya home, ties her up, cuts off her clothes, scribbles with lipstick all over her face, and cuts her into pieces.  Arthur is sacrificing these gals to his mom (who he killed years earlier).  Arthur is convinced all beautiful women are whores.  Uh oh for Rosie, Arthur believes that Rosie may be able to identify him.  Arthur then starts his pursuit of Rosie.
On his way to Rosie he offs anyone who he sees as getting in his way.  Rosie's new BF, Jennifer (Tally Chanel) will die an excruciating death at the hands of Arthur.  Rosie's mom and dad?  Very sad, you'll see.  There is some good news for Rosie.  She falls in love with Lt. Carter (Brian Burt), the detective on the case.  Unfortunately our good detective should have spent more time catching killers than seeking pre-marital sex with his new GF.  Giving in to his hormones, Lt. Carter seems no match for Arthur who has staked out the state university as his feeding grounds.  As the pretty get chopped up, Rosie's guard gets let down.
Will Rosie succumb to the same fate as her two friends?  If Lt. Carter survives, will his department mandate he take sexual harassment and victim/witness relations training?  Graphic and merciless, this slasher film may be difficult for some to watch.  Anytime a beautiful actress walks onto the screen, Arthur follows with his torture tools and homicidal attitude.  Directed by Leland Thomas, and available on YouTube, treat yourself to "Bits and Pieces," a vicious slasher film.

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