Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Evil in the Deep, The Birth of Charlie's Angels

Before Cheryl Ladd was Kris Monroe in "Charlie's Angels," she was Cheryl Stoppelmoor.  However, in 1974 she was cast in "Evil in the Deep" (aka "The Treasure of Jamaica Reef") with David Ladd, and the two would wed, hence Cheryl Ladd.  Okay, everyone who has seen this film agrees it is the worst movie ever made.  So judgmental!  At it's best, "Evil in the Deep" is 90 minutes of Cheryl Ladd nee Stoppelmoor, running around, diving, and swimming in a bikini.  Given that, this film cannot be the worst ever made.  In fact, it is infinitely better than anything George Clooney has done lately.  Added bonus:  For you ladies... guys can enjoy the bikini clad Ladd, but you can drool over the Speedo clad infomercial king and game show host Chuck Woolery, who also co-stars.
Three businessmen Hugo (Stephen Boyd), Joshua (Mr. Ladd), Victor (Woolery), and a babe, Zappy (Ms. Ladd) receive salvage rights to a Spanish Galleon which sank on a Jamaican reef.  The quartet drop everything and head to Jamaica where they set up a salvage operation.  From the outset, villains try to steal the still sunken treasure and kill our heroes.  Zappy even ends up on the hood of a speeding station wagon which just stole much of their equipment.  The group charters a boat and hires Rosie Greer (remember him?) to teach Zappy to dive.  Mr. Greer is very fortunate as Zappy is always clad in flowery bikinis.
We could go on with the plot. Yes, there will be lots of diving, some explosions, lots of chases, and some island intrigue.  More importantly, we have a lot of Zappy snorkeling in a bikini, SCUBA diving in a bikini, running in a bikini, hanging out in a bikini, and jumping around in a bikini.  For you ladies, we have lots of shots of Chuck Woolery bouncing around in a tight Speedo.  As bad as some have described this film, it is infinitely more entertaining than "Arrival" and "Loving," two holiday bore-a-thons hitting the theaters this Christmas season.
Frivolous and silly, perhaps, "Evil in the Deep" knows what it's greatest asset is...and I'm not talking about Mr. Woolery's Speedo.  Fans of Cheryl Ladd will not want to miss this extravaganza.  Cheryl Ladd in the 1970s, and beyond, absolutely blows away our modern day swimsuit models in beauty and class.

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