Saturday, February 4, 2023

In the Cold of the Night, Film Noir and Dangerous Sex here's what happens at the start of this film. Fashion photographer Scott (Jeff Lester) has passionate and elongated pre-marital sex with his model Lena (Shannon Tweed). Her nudity and gyrations are dramatic. He'll fall asleep and have a dream about murdering a naked showering brunette. He'll wake up with his hands choking Shannon Tweed. She doesn't mind and states, "That's okay...I couldn't breathe...but I almost came." Wonderful dialogue. Today we look at 1990's "In the Cold of the Night," directed by Nico Mastorakis.  Oh yeah...Tippi Hedren is in this one for a couple of minutes until birds scare her away...really! 

Hunk fashion photographer Scott is haunted.  He has a lot of pre-marital sex with bikini models and Shannon Tweed. Now he is having nightmares about murdering a strange beauty...strangling, gutting, or drowning...different methods but the same beauty. Guess what! As he tries to figure out who this babe is, she shows up on his doorstep. Kimberly (Adrianne Sachs) wants to know why he is looking for her. He lies of course. The two like each other and she brings him to her mansion for very steamy sex...a lot of it. He keeps having the dreams and she pays them no mind. She'll shower a lot and frolic with Scott in the pool. The two appear to be falling in love.

Shot like a film noir film, we sense Kimberly is too good to be true. The femme-fatale look oozes off her naked body. Yep...she does have secrets. Oh yeah, no surprise here...her mansion and d├ęcor are exactly what Scott sees in his dreams. The two have numerous naked and steamy scenes and Ms. Sachs has no shyness toward movie cameras. Scott's dreams get more ominous and now he begins following Kimberly around during the day.  His brain has stopped working well because he is so infatuated with the his new babe and we sense this will be toward his doom. 

Are these dreams really dreams or something a bit more devious?  Just who is this mysterious Kimberly and how did she end up living alone in the mansion? Are there really women like Shannon Tweed's Lena who value a good orgasm over personal safety...and how do we find them? This is a steamy one and delves a bit into the science fiction genre.  Watch "In the Cold of the Night" and be prepared for a long shower after the end credits roll.

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  1. great stuff, i'm sold, lines that lead to lots of fun....