Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Guns of Eden, Exploitation Heroine with an Attitude

So what has happened?  Not a rhetoric question.  American culture is gone.  Culture is something that binds a people, or a nation. America has lost its culture...but something has moved in to bind us together...and it isn't working, too well. The media binds us...and makes us hate one another.  The media gives us two sides, when in reality, there may be dozens of valid points of view.  America is polarized. Now the good news...this is not sustainable. All over the world civilizations are rising up against this polarization.  It will happen here, too.  More good news...it could happen in the form of a sultry dame, who is heavily armed, and has great big...well, a big smile.  Today we look at Greg Lamberson's "Guns of Eden."

It is horrible.  Sultry policewoman sees her career end after a horrible and bloody mistake.  Megan (Alexandra Faye Sadeghian) is now directionless and hating life.  Her former partner, Jeremy (Peter Johnson) refuses to let her die on the vine and convinces her to go on a nature weekend.  A good hike. Also along for the ride are the babe Gabriella (Nicole Colon) and stud Blake (Dominic Luongo). Yep, this never goes well.  Witnesses never fare well in these films and the group witnesses a corrupt sheriff, Preacher (Bill Kennedy), and his men execute some of their prisoners.  Now the four unfortunate witnesses are hunted by a posse of corrupt deputies, lesbian survivalists, rednecks, and other assorted idiots.  

This becomes Megan's story.  Redemption and atonement are at stake.  What unfolds will be bloody and dozens will die horribly.  Megan will get to use a Gatling gun (SWEET!!!), a crossbow, a bear trap, other guns, other machine guns, and a key chain.  Eyes will be gouged out and evil lesbians will be mowed down.  She'll go through corrupt deputies like crap through a goose.  Megan will see horror descend upon upon her friends.  In true exploitation form, Greg Lamberson binds us with Megan...her story is perhaps the story of what may have to happen in our country (metaphorically speaking, of course).  Eventually, Megan is a character that would rival any gritty action hero in those old spaghetti westerns or women-in-prison exploitation films.  Carnage will be her middle name.  More importantly, her mission to fight evil may also prove to be her own savior, if she can keep any of her humanity in the process.  I should note two sultry actresses, Brooke Lewis Bellas and Lynn Lowry are in this film in limited roles.  Their roles may be limited but their characters and performances enhance the aforementioned themes greatly.

Exploitation tales are important.  At the time, most of the movie audience miss what they are trying to get across.  Over time, we look at them differently and in light of how history unfolded.  We soon realize they were more than exploitation, but cinematic champions of the little-guy fighting the machine and inspiring others to rise to a seemingly impossible challenge.  It won't be without blood (I speak metaphorically, again), but soon great uprisings will take place to usher in good and usher out evil.  It has started.  "Guns of Eden" may be a preview of a purification that our country needs...and having a sultry dame lead us through it is just a bonus.  See "Guns of Eden" and think about the bigger picture.    

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