Thursday, December 8, 2022

Flirting with Danger, Charisma Carpenter in Peril and in States of Undress

We haven't done a Charisma Carpenter film in a while.  Bad on us.  So why not pick one heavy on eroticism and murder?  Even better, we'll get Charisma Carpenter in lingerie, leopard print undies, nude, in gratuitous shower scenes, and in gratuitous pre-marital sex scenes.  Sure, she may be a vicious serial killer, but any real man would be willing to look past that...after all, it is Charisma Carpenter.  Today we look at 2006's "Flirting with Danger," directed by Richard Roy.

A bunch of young successful men are dropping dead of heart attacks.  These men have no history of heart problems.  The cops see no signs of foul play.  Unless Dr. Fauci is experimenting with the Pfizer vaccine, there is one other possibility.  Murder.  We find out that the men were all in the throes of passion with a babe, maybe Laura (Carpenter) before dying.  One of the men was the best friend of hunk lawyer, Rafe (James Thomas).  He is tasked with settling his buddy's estate.  In doing so he'll find some mysterious clues that lead him to Laura, a nymphomaniac socialite.  Fall in love?  They do.  The more he falls for Laura, the more clues he finds indicating she may be a serial killer.

Babe cop, Gloria (Victoria Sanchez) also grew up with Rafe.  The two have always wanted to get into each other's pants...just not at the same time.  Other babes will be thrown at us...all wanting to get into Rafe's pants...and all emerge as suspects, too.  Laura seems to be a quick thinker and has answers for her previous "inconsistencies."  We'll get more sensual Charisma Carpenter scenes and be treated to some of the most alluring lingerie imaginable.  Rafe and Laura will have a lot of pre-marital sex...and Gloria begins moving forward in her investigation. 

Is Laura a serial killer of successful men, or is this too easy?  Even if Laura is the killer, can't Rafe look beyond this flaw...after all, it is Charisma Carpenter?  Are all babes in leopard print lingerie totally insane?  Eroticism will rule the day in this fine mystery thriller.  For an arousing tale of murder and pre-marital sex, see "Flirting with Danger."

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  1. People are dropping dead, wonderful little jab, thanks Chris you are the best