Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains, Oh yes!

We have everything we need here.  Sultry cheerleaders...and yes they are chained up.  Virgins?  Well...no. But we don't need to be sticklers, here.  Even better, one is a lesbian exotic dancer.  Some will be disemboweled by a cannibal family.  They'll scream a lot and be very helpless at times.  Today we have 2018's "Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains," directed by Paulo Biscaia Filho and Gary McClain Gannaway.

Shane (Ezekiel Z. Swinford) and his girlfriend, Chloe (Kelsey Pribilski) want to make a movie.  Shane's screenplays always get rejected so he and Chloe decide to make their own film..."Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains."  Need a leading lady?  The duo go to a strip club and see Amber (Elizabeth Maxwell) do a pole dance.  Amber is excited to be cast in this low budget horror film and two more strippers, Ginger (Lindsey Lemke) and Julie (Ammie Masterson) will also be cast.  A bunch more of Chloe's and Shane's buddies will also be in the cast or crew.

The crew finds a creepy old mansion to set their film.  Uh oh...it is inhabited by a cannibal family who makes snuff films.  Now the gals, dressed as cheerleaders, but still not virgins, will be in much peril and some will lose their insides.  Chainsaws, machetes, hedge clippers, and bear traps will be used to the max as so many of the babes will die horribly.  Uh oh...Chloe is worried that Amber may be stealing her guy, Shane.  Hence a surprise and a very erotic scene is included here.  Fingers will be clipped, babes will be gutted, bear traps will clip off faces, and Dobermans will even get in the action.

Can any of the dweeb guy moviemakers save any of the babe-talent?  Does the plot or acting matter if nubile cheerleaders in much peril are in the plot?  Are virgin cheerleaders the new plot device that will take Hollywood by storm replacing annoying woman who are grouchy because they aren't paid as well as men?  Be a man...avoid any of those stupid Meryl Streep films and put on "Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains."  


  1. Sold me just by the title. But synopsis locked the chains for sure

  2. Its like chicken watching KFC adds, cannibal chicks!