Saturday, February 19, 2022

Bigfoot vs. Krampus, Bigfoot Bakes Gingerbread Men Cookies

So sweet.  And a belated Merry Christmas to all of you.  What conveys the Christmas spirit more than a big furry cryptid baking cookies?  Yep, we got bigfoot, the exterminator, Lucifer, the monster shark thing, and a half dozen other monsters in our feature today, "Bigfoot vs. Krampus," directed by BC Fourteen. With "Moonfall" about to hit theaters, save yourself the 12 bucks for the ticket and stay home and watch this creature/scifi film.

Okay, Krampus is the latest being trying to finish off the remnants of humanity.  The horned Christmas demon wages war on the sultry Princess Kali (Carli Rader).  Her mother ship carries the last survivors of Earth's destruction.  Kranpus has already blown away the queen and the Atlantians, Kali's biggest ally.  Kali isn't helpless, but she is pregnant with Van Helsing's (Marco Guzman) baby.  Her pregnancy means refraining from sex, thus Van Helsing feels dejected and flees for intergalactic strip clubs.  This leaves Bigfoot (also, Mr. Guzman) to assist Kali and her morning sickness through a final battle.

Krampus talks too much and receives several offers of assistance by fellow human haters.  Lucifer himself makes generous offers and soon the horned deity has the most evil allies in the universe assisting his efforts.  Space battle drama ensues and great battlestars will be blown to bits.  Pregnant or not, Kali has sass and will be intimidated by no one, or no thing! 

Will Van Helsing grow up and come back to help his buddies, Kali and Bigfoot?  Do the evil deities of the universe finally have what it takes to cooperate and destroy the remains of humanity?  Should pregnant babes with morning sickness be allowed to control battlestars?  I'm sure Adama would not approve.  Get into these BC Fourteen space and cryptic sagas as I promise you there will be more.  For some animated fun, see "Bigfoot vs. Krampus."

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