Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Yesterday Machine, The Majorette vs. Hitler

Today's schoolkids are taught a Nazi is someone who wants lower taxes and doesn't recycle.  Trust me...I want lower taxes and don't I know.  In 1963, when "The Yesterday Machine" was made, Americans actually knew what a Nazi was.  Many fought them in Europe.  Right about 1963, America began losing their fear of Hitler returning with the 4th Reich.  When World War 2 ended, the only evidence we had of Hitler's death was the Soviets claimed he was.  Who believes them?  As the years went on, it was apparent the fiend was indeed gone.  Hence, a fun film was made pitting Hitler and his minions up against a nubile majorette...hey, why not?

The film begins with a gratuitous twirling routine by the nubile majorette Margie (Linda Jenkins).  She and her boyfriend, Howie (Jay Ramsey) are stranded after their car dies on the way to the game.  Seeking help, they are accosted by two Civil War soldiers.  Howie is shot and Margie is sucked into another time. A cop, Lt. Partana (Tim Holt), and reporter Jim (James Britton) investigate.  Howie is interviewed at a hospital after a doctor pulls two Civil War slugs out of his back.  Margie is still missing.  When Sandy (Ann Pelligrino), Margie's sister, a hot nightclub songstress is told, she joins the hunt for the missing Margie, too.

As Jim and Sandy comb the area Margie was last seen, they too are sucked into a different time...1789.  After they are accused of witchcraft, a no no in 1789, they are then sucked into the laboratory of Hitler's top scientist Dr, van Hauser (Jack Herman).  Hauser is happy to have three prisoners.  He has plans for them.  The Nazi scientist will use them as test subjects and catapult them forward into time …Margie the leggy majorette will go first.  Now Jim and Sandie must escape their cells and rescue Margie before being sent to an unknown time.  Uh oh...van Hauser's ultimate plan?  It is an ambitious one and will bring Hitler back for all eternity.

Will the nubile Margie make it into the future and make Maxim's '100 sexiest women' list?  Will Jim and Sandy be able to thwart the emergence of the 4th Reich? Does van Hauser know that the Germany of the European Union has already conquered Europe?  It is nice to see a movie from a time when Americans still knew what Nazis were.  Maybe our modern misguided definitions of 'Nazi' will enable the emergence of a 4th Reich after all.  For a fun and irreverent look at a time-machine science fiction film, see "The Yesterday Machine," directed by Russ Marker.

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  1. great review, hitler was with eichman in argentina, but a minister