Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Bloodsucking Freaks, S&M Theater

If you have a yearly quota of S&M, torture, whippings, and naked babes in your movie watching choices, 1976's "Bloodsucking Freaks" (directed by Joel M. Reed) will fill it. Perverted, misogynistic, and quite gory is our film today. Cannibalism, and weird sex fetishes will dominate a plot of dismemberment and the humiliation of beautiful women. So waste your time on stupid DC or Marvel garbage if you must, but don't be ashamed if you find yourself drawn to this gore-fest.

Sardu (Seamus O'Brien) runs the Theater of the Macabre in Soho. His audiences pay top dollar to watch his productions. Sardu tortures sultry dames on the stage and eventually disembowels them for his audience. The audiences believe the killings are fake...or staged. They're not. One night football player Tom (Niles McMaster) and ballerina Natasha (Viju Krem) are in the audience. Sardu is infatuated with the blonde dancer and has his perverted midget assistant Ralphus (Luis De Jesus) abduct her. Natasha will be brainwashed and lick Sardu's boots. Sardu has a jail cell filled with naked babes who refuse to obey him and occasionally eats them. A sultry woman is being tortured in virtually every scene.

Who would watch this garbage? I ask the same question about the new "Wonder Woman" films. We see Sardu's torture of the pretty ballerina and her eventual succumbing to the brainwashing. Now she serves only to please him and dance for his Theater of the Macabre. Boyfriend Tom and a corrupt cop are her only chance at escape...but she no longer wants escape. As Sardu chops up more babes and shows us more ways to humiliate them, Natasha begins rehearsing for a gory dance number. Sardu has some naked babe dominatrix trustees who will relish in their task of whipping the blonde Natasha. Sick and twisted...but all great fun.

Will Tom and the cop be able to rescue a brainwashed Natasha? What will be the fate of the caged naked babes? Is the treatment of women by Sardu a metaphor for the treatment of actresses on Broadway and Hollywood? Gory, perverted, and alluring (in a sick way), "Bloodsucking Freaks" is a 1970s horror film you will not want to miss...especially if you like to see nubile blondes in black boots and S&M outfits humiliated...and those peeps are indeed out there.

To view BLOODSUCKING FREAKS free on the Forgotten Horror YouTube channel, click on this link Bloodsucking Freaks on YouTube

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  1. Blood sucking freaks, sounds like a dodgy poet I know~