Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The College Girl Murders, Mystery and Misogyny

Yep...its set at an all girls' college in England. Yep...every student at the college is a sultry English babe. Yes...every professor is an old-geyser, sweaty pervert. Yes...the gals will do anything for good grades. Yes...we will have gratuitous bikini scenes that may not necessarily advance the plot line. From 1967, we will take a peek at a German film, "The College Girl Murders," directed by Alfred Vohrer.
The nubile beauties will die horribly as a mysterious fiend engineers a complicated plan with a lot of moving parts in order to commit the perfect murders. It's foolproof and as the dames die, there is no indication of murder. Pam (Ewe Stromberg) will die at church as she opens her Bible. By a stroke of luck, Inspector Higgins (Joachim Fuchsberger) finds out that death was caused by a poisonous gas that makes death seem like a heart attack. As Higgins converges on the college, the murders continue. In addition to the poison gas method, anyone who knows too much is strangled by a mysterious monk in red.
Uh oh...Betty (Grit Boettcher) and Mary (Suzanne Roquette) know that Pam partied with an old geyser professor named Keystone (Konrad Georg). A suspect? Yeah, until the monk offs him. Now Inspector Higgins figures out the logical sequence of the victims and starts fighting back. He's clever, but the fiendish mastermind seems to be a genius. As we meet more of the perverted college staff, the suspect list seems to grow. Higgins isn't fooled and realizes the perverted professor theory is too easy. The nubile Ann (Uschi Glas) has reason to be murdered and Higgins picks up on this. Higgins enacts his plan, but our evil mastermind seems a step or two ahead...or is he (or she)? As we get more gratuitous bikini and swimming pool scenes, Higgins is definitely on to something.
Why are these beautiful college gals being slaughtered? Just who is this red monk and why is he killing college staff? Are there any homely dames at university in the UK? Gratuitous with the cheesecake, "The College Girl Murders" is a fine mystery that will keep you guessing. As today's colleges and universities continue to sanction and encourage unlimited misogyny onto the fairer sex, enjoy the scenery and the wit of a neat Euro-Trash exploitation/mystery murder yarn.


  1. Perfect, made a year before i was born, haven't the times changed.

  2. Sultry babes and gratuitous sex? Sign me up!😅 Seriously though, I see a rejected suitor behind this. Sounds like a guilty pleasure for sure!