Friday, December 20, 2019

Terrifying Girls' Highschool: Lynch Law Classroom, Japanese High School Girls in Trouble

Perhaps in Japan 1973's "Terrifying Girls' Highschool: Lynch Law Classroom" is an important statement about the post-war Japanese patriarchy misogynistic treatment of women. However, everywhere else, this is pure grind-house sexploitation, that even pushes the envelope with the drive-in crowd. A school full of sultry Japanese high school girls...many will be stripped, tortured, raped, murdered, humiliated, and tortured some more. This film will satisfy the fetish of Japanese businessmen, and in the will satisfy everyone with a mind still mired in a juvenile state (at least to some degree).
As our film begins, very pretty Michiyo (Emi Jo) is having her blood drained by nine girls that make up the 'disciplinary committee.' Michiyo has been stripped and tied up. Her death will be sad and gratuitous. The Hope School caters to female juvenile delinquents and the committee is headed by the beautiful Yoko (Ryoko Ema). In reality, it provides young sex-toys in school uniforms to politicians and school officials. Yoko and her committee will then be challenged as three new juveniles are transferred to the school...the sultry Noriko (Miki Sugimoto), Remi (Misuzu Ota), and Kyoko (Seiko Saburi). This trio is groped and probed immediately by the committee and they don't like it. Quickly they decide to fight back.
Knowing the score, Noriko and her two chums realize they will have to use sex (straight and lesbian) in their quest to annihilate the committee. What follows is grotesque humiliation and torture as Yoko and her committee seem to have the advantage. Ah, but wait! Who exactly is Noriko and where did she come from? As a mysterious foe (Yuko Kano), clad in leather and riding a motorcycle invades the school, it appears Noriko has a long line of sultry gals looking to pull her you-know-whats off. Noriko soon realizes orders for her demise have been issued to the committee by the highest levels of the Japanese government.
A lot of Japanese school girls will be stripped, raped, and tortured...some killed. There will be a lot of gratuitous shower scenes, sex scenes, and brutal rape scenes. I know...this is trash and you want no part of it. Fine, but like many others who will see this film, you can view it in secret and never tell anyone you partook in the experience. Directed by Norifumi Suzuki, "Terrifying Girls' Highschool: Lynch Law Classsroom" is a brutal and exploitative exclamation point that you won't be able to resist, albeit you will never tell your friends you saw it.


  1. Are films like this a rebellion against Shogunate and cram schools, Jap Corp has alot to answer for.

  2. Now I wanna see this. Great review.

  3. Btw, it's Zarchi from Twitter.👆