Monday, July 1, 2019

Red Eye, Brutal Gore and Deviant Kills

Okay, if brutal and senseless violence and gore offends you...stop reading. If not, well, we have a good one which will boast of deviant necrophiliac rape (wait, is that redundant) and a lot of blood, throat cuttings, torture, eyeball gore, etc. Oh yes, this one also has a nice performance from one of my favorite modern horror stars...the effervescent and lovely Jessica Cameron. Let us take a look at 2017's "Red Eye," directed by Tristan Clay and written by Clay and Destinie Orndoff.
Gage (Scott King) wants to make a documentary about Red Eye (Clayton Abbott). Who is this fiend? Back in the Great Depression in the West Virginia mountains, food was scarce and starvation was setting in. So a man ended up killing and eating his family. Gage brings his friends as his crew. We instantly fall in love with Rykyr (Orndorff). She is an outcast and a sultry one at that. A loner who loves horror and desires to be a horror actress. Then there is Ryann (Heather Dorff)...she is also lovely and has a horrid past. Uh oh, she has slept with Rykyr's BF, Jake (Hayden Wilberger) and Rykyr doesn't know. As we see glimpses of who these peeps really are we realize that any one of them may be a psycho.
Into the woods they go and the quartet meet a stranded motorist, Bea (Cameron). She fills in some blanks about the Red Eye legend. Then after helping Bea, the quartet go into the woods and Rykyr may sense her buddy Ryann is sleeping with Jake. Then bang!!! Carnage...gore...blood spurting...necrophiliac eyeball on a skewer...etc. Yep...Red Eye, and loves to jack-off, preferably to a sultry babe covered in her own blood. But wait! Is Red Eye alone in his homicidal spree? After all, the four friends each possess a past that indicates psychosis and motive. Don't forget about Bea, Jessica Cameron is too good of an actress to limit to one scene. Yep, a surprise or two awaits.
Will any of the above mentioned babes survive the perverted spree of Red Eye? Does this film actually show the deviance mentioned above? Will this be yet another one of my reviews banned by Facebook? In a hybrid of "Wrong Turn" and a "Friday the 13th" film, Mr. Clay and Ms. Orndoff have put together a brutal and vicious story that will turn many off, but fans of this blog will love it. See "Red Eye" and watch the blood(and maybe even Red Eye's man juices) spurt.

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  1. I seriously think Facebook will go the way of My Space, too many 'live' recordings of massacres, Zuckerman has blood on his hands. Great review...