Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mind Blown, Telekinetics vs. The World

Jon Mack, lead singer of Auradrone, is one of this blog's favorite actresses. Perhaps you remember past reviews of her films, such as "SuperTanker," "Mongolian Death Worm," "Lavalantula," "Spiders," and "Camel Spiders." The lovely and talented Ms. Mack captures the screen with her radiance and charm and today we will look at 2016's "Mind Blown." With a great looking cast in much peril we dive into a story about TKs and the secret government project that exploits them.
What is a TK? Telekinetics. These blokes have powers of the mind that can control and manipulate nature. One does this for lightning, another for fire, one for wind...etc. The sultry Jennifer (Jessica Uberuaga) has been recruited for the secret project which she believes is for benign and humanitarian purposes...yeah, right. Gertie (Mack) is a kind soul who sort of watches out for her TK colleagues. Bad news...Colonel Clayton (Steve Hanks), who heads this project, is no humanitarian...he would rather destroy civilization and place himself on Earth's throne. This always works out so well. As it becomes clear the evil Colonel has manipulated the TKs into destroying California (I don't want to hear any comments about how this is a good thing!), Jennifer dares to show some independence.
Jessica is a seer, which means the other TKs are guided and led into whatever psychic trip/project they undertake. Realizing the Colonel is evil, Jessica reaches out to find her "pair." Yep...every TK has someone they share a telekinetic co-dependence with. Fortunately for Jennifer, her's is the hunk Adam (Michael Marinaccio). Now the colonel and some of the other TKs need to track down Jennifer and Adam, kill them, and blame California's demise on them. This will endanger Gertie and any other TK who doesn't worship Colonel Clayton.
Will the destruction of California in this film help lend "Mind Blown" to different reactions to east coast and west coast audiences? Will Jennifer and Adam, as a TK pair, experience a different kind of intimacy or can we count on some gratuitous pre-marital sex between these two great looking protagonists? Just how do good TKs fight evil TKs...and do they have the same conflict resolution training that evil army colonels have? See "Mind Blown," directed by Christian Sesma and enjoy some ambitious special f/x and a terrific performance by Ms. Mack.

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  1. "Lavalantula, now that is a name, surely they could call a B grade festival after it, or even use that name for an intergalactical orgy, nanoo nanoo, where is Robyn Williams when you need him?