Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sea Beast, It Spits and Eats You

The Great White? Yawn.... The Kraken? Oh please... Ahhh, the Angler Fish!  Now that is a creature that will send you in the opposite direction screaming. What is an Angler Fish? Funny, that's what many of the characters in 2008's "Sea Beast" keep asking. No one really heard of it before a babe marine biologist told them it was eating the population. Gotta love those babe scientists in these types of films. For you ladies, fear not, this one stars Corin Nemec and his five o' clock shadow.
Will (Nemec) captains a fishing boat that is caught in a storm.Uh oh, Will witnesses one of his men lost overboard...but wait, Will swears he saw a creature jump on his boat and take him away. Without a catch and a dead crewman, Will is having money and alcohol troubles. Uh oh, his sultry teen-age daughter, Carly (Miriam McDonald), is messing around with another of his crewmen, Danny (Daniel Wisler). These two will meet up with the beautiful Erin (Christie Laing) and sneak to a nearby island for pre-marital sex...and probably alcohol and marijuana. Sadly, Erin's BF is also eaten after the monster angler fish spits slime on him.
 The good news, Arden (Camille Sullivan), a beautiful marine biologist hits town concerned with weird algae readings. Will will be sweet on her. As Will begins to tell people what he saw an angler fish monster, a hunting party is assembled and will promptly be disassembled by the creature...wait...creatures! There's dozens of them. Now the buggers head to the island where they will paralyze Erin and chomp away at her while she is awake. As Danny seeks pre-marirtal sex with Carly, he gets bitten and infected. Carly shows an ability to kill the long-tongued monsters, but there are just too many of them. As Danny's infection gets worse, the two must brave the monsters to try to escape the island. Fear not, Will and the babe marine-biologist Arden are on the way. As the creatures quickly multiply, the chance of survival by the humans seems slim.
Do Arden and Will actually have a plan or will Corin Nemec's alluring five o' clock shadow and Arden's alluring wet-suit save the day? Is this a morality tale denoting what happens when pre-marital sex and probably alcohol or maybe marijuana is on the agenda instead of homework and animal husbandry classes? This is a neat one and it is always good to see Corin Nemec and any babe marine-biologist tackle slimy sea creatures. For a neat monster flick with cool long-tongued, spitting creatures, see "Sea Beast," directed by Paul Ziller.


  1. Reminds me of Gremlins ,in Northern Queensland, they State gives every citizen a license to swing a golf club at them, great review, brings up fond fond golfing memories.

  2. Very interesting surprisingly I’ve never seen this. Awesome review.