Monday, May 7, 2018

The Faith Community, Run Away!

Hah! Yes...I've been told the same thing. In Faith R. Johnson's "The Faith Community," the charismatic 'messenger' of God tells one of our protagonists not to watch horror films, they are the province of Satan. Right on Ms. Johnson...I have heard that so many times from the so-called faith community. I'm much too polite to retort what immediately comes to mind, that is "...yeah? So is biblical mis-interpretation you wuss." Biblical perversion or mis-interpretation is deadly for the soul, but in this 2017 film...well...the term deadly may not need interpretation.
Hannah (Janessa Floyd) is on fire for the Lord. She heads the Campus Christian Collective at her university...bless her little heart. Her and Andrew (Aidan Hart) drag newbie Christian, Colin (Jeffrey Brabant), to the woods of Maryland where a dynamic Christian camp has been set up. Now, veterans of horror films (...excuse me, Satan's movies) know to get right back in the car if something doesn't seem right...Hannah and her buds don't. They are met by "The Messenger" and four of his cult (excuse me, is that word too judgmental on my part) followers. He's weird and twisted in a Reverend Jim Jones sort of way. As Colin captures their experiences on video, we see doom fast approaching.
Jeremy Harris plays "The Messenger" all too well. You've met him, that weird youth pastor at your church who you would not leave your daughters with. He has memorized much of the Bible and uses it to spew damnation messages. Uh oh...Andrew and Hannah seem to be brainwashed by this guy. As Colin chronicles the commune, we are let in on some horrific testimonies from followers of the messenger. A lot of stuff just doesn't seem right, but when we meet cult members, we realize that ruination (in mind and body) looms nearby. What transpires will be difficult to watch and heartbreaking. Seeing a train wreck in slow motion is tortuous, but given that this film serves as a great metaphor to the plight of many lost sheep, causes us all to think.
What lies in store for our university trio at the hands of The Messenger's cult? This film will have you pondering many questions about your faith and your ability to to stand up to charismatic frauds. In the 1980s, no one was fooled by Duffy Strode, but he was hardly endearing. Over 900 were slaughtered in Guyana as Jim Jones was seen as God, and I won't even mention the Hale Bopp Comet. Ms. Johnson's film serves as a stark warning, especially to you youngsters in careful and trust that little voice inside you that says "RUN AWAY!!!!!"
NOTE: For the Korean, Japanese, and Bolivian readers of this blog who tune in for a sermon, here is the message, "Be so grounded in The Word that when a counterfeit comes along, you recognize it right away."


  1. Watch out for the Hale Bops types and cyanid laced cool aid.

  2. Watched a documentary recently about David Koresh and the siege at Waco..shuddering..