Thursday, May 17, 2018

Darkness Comes, Audition Meets The Dunwich Horror

Pre-marital sex in horror films never turns out like its supposed to. No young nympho ever puts his/her clothes back on saying, "Yes! Now that's what I'm talking about." Usually a machete, spear, or some demon play havoc with what is supposed to be sweet ecstasy. From Scotland, we have a film that merges the uncomfortable dread of the Japanese horror classic "Audition" with the 'something beyond our understanding is on its way' horror of a H.P. Lovecraft epic. From 2013, directed by David Newbigging, we look at "Darkness Comes" (aka "Dying Light").
Suze (Kelly Wenham)! All she wants is wild, unbridled sex with Eddie (Owen Whitelaw). Or so it initially seems. Eddie missed an initial warning sign...Suze is way out of his league. The sultry vixen leads Eddie and his raging hormones to a mysterious room (...cell?) where she is all over him. Eddie is in all his glory until Suze subdues him with a syringe. When Eddie awakens...the horror story begins. Yep...he is fully awake, but completely paralyzed. Tied to a bed frame, he is completely helpless when Suze pulls out a box-cutter (...ceremonial dagger?). She starts carving.
Just when we are ready to turn our eyes from the screen, a miracle occurs...Eddie gets his movement back and knocks out Suze. Don't get too excited, Suze never loses control, even when unconscious. No spoilers here, but Eddie finds some indications that he is much more than a schmuck...he is a chosen schmuck. This never goes well if the one doing the choosing is evil, not human, a demon, an alien, or some other otherworldly being. So which one is Suze?  Or is she human and a normal nymphomaniac millennial with a cutting fetish? The dimly lit cell offers few clues, and will offer even fewer as it seems to be losing light. In the growing darkness, Suze continues to stalk Eddie, physically and psychologically. appears some evil force may be on its way.
Was Eddie chosen, and if so why and by who (...or what)? Just what is on its way, and from where does it come from? Okay, so doom, death, or the apocalypse may be on its way, but will this stop Eddie from going out on top and engaging in the aforementioned pre-marital sex? Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will fill in the blanks quite nicely. What is just beyond the darkness is just as horrific as whatever Suze is. Written by Gordon Mclean, "Darkness Comes" is a dark horror story featuring a sultry vixen and a nerdy arrangement many of us can relate to.
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  1. Written by a true word smith!!!

  2. I love the box cutter mention, it has significance, nice to read another review, this time safely back in Oz!