Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bodies, Call 911 for Gore and Perversion

Gore and perversion will rule in 2016's "Bodies," so be warned before reading further. The backstory is almost as icky as this film's take on necrophilia.  The living may not fare well in this one, but humiliation also waits for the dead.  Rodney Wilson's extreme horror film may be the victim of some bad reviews, but if you can take it, terrific acting and a fast moving horror story will be quite satisfying.  Afraid of going to the hospital?  This film is for you.
A naked woman with a knife in her hand (yeah...don't ask) is hurried into an ambulance.  To her surprise, she wakes strapped to a gurney in a make-shift operating room while two men cut her open and pull out her internal organs as she watches in horror.  Ah, the world of organ harvesting on the black market.  For Corey (Joe Bocian) and his brother Jeffery (Brian Landis Folkins), the financial rewards for this endeavor are great.  Also, if you are a necrophiliac, this career could play into your hands.  Corey is the brains behind this operation, and Jeffery is...shall we say... slow? Uh oh...they collect another victim, Cindy (Jenice Marshall). Cindy has turned her ankle hiking on a trail and instead of a real ambulance, our monstrous duo show. Cindy will wake up nude, strapped to the aforementioned gurney, as Corey readies to cut her open.
Cindy, a beautiful pre-med student will endure torture and humiliation, but in a weird way...will assume control. See, Corey and Jeffery are taken by her and can't bear to cut her open...but why? A very sick backstory explains this...and it is twisted.  Thinking fast, and knowing that her reprieve is temporary, Cindy begins a game of cat and mouse...her weapon?  The promiscuous pre-med student uses her sexuality.  At first Corey rapes her at will, but as soon as she pretends to enjoy it, well, Corey goes on the defensive.  Oh yes, the slow-witted Jeffery...Cindy has plans for him. Even though she will be beaten, raped, tortured, broken, and humiliated, Cindy appears to have the upper hand.  If she can stay alive, she just might prevail over our two lunatics.
What in Corey and Jeffery's sick past prevents them from gutting the sultry pre-med student?  How much humiliation will Cindy take before her will is broken?  Is Cindy merely plotting escape...or is she also planning revenge?  Everything thrown at you in this film will be stomach turning, but you will feel compelled to look.  For some good dissection horror with lots of internal organs yanked out, enjoy "Bodies."

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  1. I really enjoyed this review over a TED talk any day, it has some really intersting stuff going on, and good to see a babe using her sexuality to survive, others may need to use their oral skills if they are ugly!!