Thursday, January 25, 2018

Twisted Nightmare, Babes and Hunks Shredded and Impaled

Supermodels and hunks beware, when a slasher is introduced into this game of life, you may only be a few seconds away from resembling a hairy ball of strawberry ice cream. 1987's "Twisted Nightmare" is a weird one, and no doubt will compile some hostile reviews, but for what we look for on this blog, this is a minor classic. The kills will be numerous and any time you see a beautiful woman or handsome hunk...well...get ready for blood splattered carnage.  Pitchforks, axes, antlers, and machetes will all aid in impalement and murder.
Laura begins her cutting ritual
Plot? All right, if you insist.  The nubile Laura (Rhonda Gray) and a dozen of her pals have all been mysteriously summoned to Camp Paradise under the ruse that they have won a vacation week-end. This is odd as all these great looking peeps vacationed there two years ago. Oh yeah, that vacation didn't go well as Laura's mentally retarded brother Mathew (Cleve Hall) died after some of the babes humiliated him. Now they are all back and Laura has brought her new BF, Shawn (Brad Bartram). Uh oh, a stalker begins picking the guests off. Sylvia (Donna Correa) will be strung up in a barn and her main squeeze Gus (Phillip Bardewell) will join her after a monster rips off his arm.
She'll die horribly
The killings will continue. An amorous couple engaging in pre-marital sex will be impaled together, and a babe will be impaled on some antlers. Electrocution and machete carnage will also take care of a couple of beauties. But wait! What gives with Laura?  She seems to know something and likes to strip nude and cut herself while taking aroma baths...okay...who doesn't?  As the monster gets bolder and hunts down each member of the party, Laura remains calm and begins having cryptic conversations with her boy toy.
The monster
What exactly happened to Mathew, two years ago? Is Laura involved in the murder of her friends? Is this monster related in anyway to the beautiful cutter? Will any of the bold and beautiful guests survive this mysterious wrath.  Gore, gratuitous nudity, and lots of pre-marital sex fill up this lesser known slasher film. For some titillating and blood-soaked fun, enjoy "Twisted Nightmare," directed by Paul Hunt.


  1. It feela like I have seen this one before. The kill where the amorous couple bite it together sounds like Kevin Bacon in F13. Maybe I will need to revisit. Solid review, Christopher.

  2. This sounds awesome thanks for the heads up Christopher & nice review, surprised I never heard of this one but am always seeking out 80s b-cheese & this sounds right up my alley, thanks again for the heads up. :)

  3. Excellent. This sounds right up my alley.

  4. I have the bluray of this. This shit is a masterpiece like illbleed is to the Dreamcast. Cheesy horror movies are the best. It's fun making fun of them but the actor they have playing the killer was pretty good. He was also the one to do the makeup effects for the movie. I also think Friday the 13th Part 8 ripped some of the kills off in this movie. ;)