Sunday, January 7, 2018

Pink Force Commando, Seductress and Killer

Jackal (Venus Lin, aka Brigitte Lin) is the most complex character ever put on film. Sultry and seductive, this vixen can make love to you in the morning and murder you that same morning. She'll be shot to death, have an arm cut off, shot to death again, fall off a thousand foot high bridge, and rebound nicely. With a machine-gun prosthetic arm, our heroine is ready to kill...again...and again! Hence today we look at, from Taiwan, 1982's "Pink Force Commando."
Take your favorite Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, mix in the final battle in "Zulu," add a lot of Kung Fu, lots of gore, and some very alluring gun-fighting beauties and this is "Pink Force Commando." Plot? Okay, if I must. Jackal, Rebel Angel (Hsueh-Fen Peng), and Cat (Elsa Yeung), escape with guns ablaze from the Chinese army (this would have made Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid proud). In the ruckus, Jackal betrays her partners and makes off with the stolen gold. The gals will replace Jackal with Dynamite Susie (Sally Yeh). Long story short, Jackal will make up with her comrades in very gory fashion. Together again, the gunfighters are betrayed and run into an ambush. Jackal is shot to death...or so everyone thinks, and the woman in white (Chun-Chun Hsu) imprisons the other gals.
The Heartbroken Man (don't ask), nurses Jackal back to life and fits her with a prosthetic arm (lots of bits, including a machine gun, knife, and drill). Jackal then sets her sight on the aforementioned woman in white and her army in order to free her cohorts. Lots of decapitations, gratuitous Kung Fu, and machine gun battles will occur during all of this. The woman, when not going through warlords and armies like crap through a goose, will be put in much peril, and not all of them will survive.
Will Jackal run out of lives and finally assume room temperature? Is there any romance in store for these sexy gun fighters? Will our gals fare better than Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid did against the Bolivian Army?  Fans of spaghetti westerns will love this film, and so will fans of drive-in exploitation and Kung Fu film fans. This one has something for the whole family...if the family is demented and weird. If you like your films to have dozens of bullet-ridden corpses in every scene, then see "Pink Force Commando."


  1. Good review, Christopher. A multi-tasking prosthetic arm....nice!

  2. Great review Christopher & thanks for another heads up, I do like me some pink flicks & tend to kinda just sit back & let the insanity wash over me when watching them. Most of 'em belt along pace wise & have a cheerful irreverence to them to go with the sleaze/nuttiness, which I find rather endearing. Great review again mate and cheers again for the heas up.

  3. I want to see this. Big fan of the kung fu.