Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Woman Hunt, Misogyny and Sadism in The Philippines

Today we take a peek at another Eddie Romero masterpiece (see my review of Brides of Blood ). 1972's "The Woman Hunt" (directed by Romero) is pure sexploitation from this Filipino director. Caged women, rapes and humiliation, skinny dipping, lesbian rape, machine-gun battles, and lots of nudity and blood highlight this tale of a nubile young stewardess kidnapped and subjected to bondage and a groping femme-fatale lesbian clad in leather.
An unfortunate stewardess
Two stewardesses, are grabbed by a trio of henchmen. One of the stewardesses is murdered, but Lori (Laurie Rose) is imprisoned in a bamboo cage with several other beauties. These women are held for Magda (Lisa Todd), the aforementioned lesbian. Magda selects five of the babes and eyes Lori for herself. The women are then brought to the jungle compound of Spyros (Eddie Garcia). After they are cleaned and dressed in revealing gowns, Spyros lets them know they will be sex slaves and will service some wealthy businessmen. McGee (Pat Woodell) tries to seduce one of the henchmen, but she will be slapped, spit upon, stripped and humiliated for her efforts. Lori will be drugged and groped by Magda.
McGee prepares for an unsuccessful seduction
As the businessmen arrive, Spyros lets them know that the gals will be set free in the jungle. The men will then be tasked to hunt them down, rape them and ultimately kill them. The gals conspire and beat the guys to the game and flee into the jungle with weapons and one of Spyros' men, Tony (John Ashley). Tony has a change of heart and assists the beauties in their escape attempt. As Magda sees her love-toy flee, she joins the men in the hunt. Booby traps, gunfights, snakes, and skinny dipping will dominate the second half of the film. Not all of the beauties will make it, but they do take the fight to their tormentors.
Magda tries to rape Lori
Will our sultry stewardess escape or forever be the love slave of the exotic Magda? Will Lori's proclivity to skinny dip doom her in the jungle? How about Magda, will her attraction to Lori put her in the cross-hairs of her jealous beau, Spyros? Drive-in quality all the way and a lack of any moral compass makes "The Woman Hunt" a perfect film for B movie fans. Eddie Romero, an exploitation genius, will not disappoint his  audience.   


  1. Gunfights, snakes & skinnydipping? Sounds like a typical weekend for me. Good review, Christopher.

  2. Sweet review mate only saw this a few weeks ago after watching the documentaries Machete Maidens Unleashed & Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel, both which had segments on Woman Hunt (and both docs highly recced tw), & I found it sleazy as hell & the crappy VHS rip I watched it on made it even sleazier! I think I watched as a double bill with The Hot Box from the same year actually. Very nice review again mate, had fun times with this one.:)

  3. I have been curious about this one, now I know I want to check it out lmao Sounds like a blast! :) Fun review!

  4. Wow I wanna see this. I like Filipino movies.