Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beyond the Door 3, Terror Train From Yugoslavia

1989's "Beyond the Door 3" has nothing to do with the first two "Beyond the Door" films. It does have a lot of resemblance to the 1985 Eric Roberts film, "Runaway Train." In fact, if "Runaway Train" was a horror film, it would be "Beyond the Door 3" (aka "Amok Train"). Add some nubile college kids, ill-equipped hunks, a mess of satanists, and some Lucio Fulci gore (though Fulci had nothing to do with this movie), and we have some terrific Euro-trash horror.
The nubile Bev and a satanic witch
As her mom is decapitated in a taxi, the very nubile virgin, Beverly (Mary Kohnert) and her classmates head to Serbia to witness a Passion play. Uh oh...Bev is the only virgin among the coeds and the Passion play will pay homage to Satan. The class was lured to the wilds of Serbia by Professor Andromolek (Bo Svenson), who is one of Satan's priests. The great looking class arrives and immediately the satanists begin picking them off, one by one.  After one is killed in a fire, they all flee...most will hop aboard a rickety train. Uh oh, Melanie (Renee Rancourt) and her beau will miss the train and have to survive in Serbia's swamp.
Lovely coed will soon rip off her own face
Now the fun begins as Satan's powers extends to the rails. Bev seems possessed and her friends get shredded one by one. One guy will be cut in half and his intestines will spill out on the tracks. Another babe will have worms crawl out of her face as she rips it off. Meanwhile, the crew is killed by Satan (more decapitations), and now we have a runaway train. As Satan appears to be luring Bev, the selected virgin, back to the forest, a mysterious flute player (don't ask) may emerge as Bev's salvation. Oh yeah, Melanie and her boyfriend? Their trudging through the swamp with satanists pursuing...and you won't believe the demise in store for them.
Where's the rest of me?
Can virgin Bev defeat her satanic pursuers? Was this film inspired by AMTRAK's Northeast Regional? Filmed in Yugoslavia, did "Beyond the Door 3" assist in the destruction of that European nation? Gore aplenty and lots of great looking college kids dying horribly highlight this tale of Satan seeking a virgin bride.  Perhaps a story ripped out of today's headlines, "Beyond the Door 3" (directed by Jeff Kwitny) is a must see for gore-hounds.


  1. Wow sounds great! Is that Bo Svenson from the Walking Tall TV show?

  2. I think this movie was inspired by the Metro I took to get to Baltimore everyday. Sounds like an interesting time whenever Satan possesses anything. Good review, Christopher!

    1. Haha, the light rail and metro are both evil! I live in Baltimore.

  3. Satanic Train!!! How can such a concept NOT sell this to any right thinking person??
    Very nice review Christopher & glad you liked this one I only revisited a couple of months ago & had a blast with it, it's gloriously silly trashy fun & the gore is surprisingly nasty & effective in parts & I'm kinda surprised it was made so late in the 80s as it's the kinda film you'd expect to be from the start of the decade.
    Great review again mate, glad you had fun with it. :)

  4. I liked all of these films, and you are right, the 3rd doesn't have anything to do with the other two.

    Susan is right as well, the light rail and Metro are both evil in Baltimore haha