Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Great American Snuff Film, Don't Watch

Again we take a peek at a film with no redeeming qualities. At least, that is what most people will say. It would be so easy to pan this film and express disgust that it was even made. I guess we have done that with "Jupiter Ascending" and "Solaris," but this one is different. Even if you like this film, you won't be able to admit it. Gritty, dark, no humor, ominous, gratuitous, and sadistic...where do you go from there? Yep...YouTube! Today we look at 2004's "The Great American Snuff Film."
William Grone (Mike Marsh) is a serial killer. Don't worry, you'll be let in on his backstory. His buddy Roy (Ryan Hutman) is another homicidal lunatic who lives and works at a spacious junkyard in the Arizona desert. The two maniacs are into the most extreme porn they can find and decide to make a snuff film. Enter Patti (Melinda Lorenz) and Sarah (Holi Tavernier). While camping in the desert, Roy and William invade their party, execute their boyfriend and abduct the two beauties. With a Super 8 camera handy the men torture, sexually assault, and humiliate the women.
Both women will spend most of their on camera time bound with duct tape. The two misogynists inflict constant mental and physical torture on their prey. Sarah and Patti are smart and are always conspiring of ways to escape. William and Roy are evil, and unfortunately for the ladies, the lunatics are always a step or two ahead of them. William narrates the story and everything we see is from his point of view. If you haven't figured it out yet, this film will end with lots of carnage.
Do Sarah and Patti have any prayer of escape? Does what Roy and William do to these women actually happen in the real world? Just how depraved and low can a film be? Okay...I'm done criticizing. Someone has to say it. This is a fine film and the misogyny portrayed may be real, and at very least a good metaphor for the plight of women in the film industry. Difficult to watch and heartbreaking, "The Great American Snuff Film" (directed by Sean Tretta) is strictly for very hardcore horror fans.


  1. This actually sounds like something I would watch. I am not into torture porn by any means but I am fascinated with the minds of serial killers. I don't know what that says about me......good review, Christopher. The comment about YouTube, priceless.

  2. This is hilariously bad, I blind bought it on impulse years ago & thankfully it went firmly into so bad it's good territory. Iirc the detective had a leopard skin phone?! The killer was also this Marylin Manson clone & I remembering wondering if most of the film's budget went on his wardrobe.
    Very nice review mate I think this is still gathering dust on my shelf. :D

  3. Yuck, this one sounds too gross for me.