Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Windmill, This isn't Hell, its Holland

I've been to The Netherlands! Beautiful and lots of Heineken. Yep, windmills too. Like any other tourist to this gorgeous country, I am not without sin. Who among us doesn't have a 12-18 months for breaking and entering story in our past? Or even better, a bout with homicide in which no witnesses can testify. No witnesses? There is always a witness. That is the problem for a bunch of tourists in 2016's "The Windmill."
Pretty Jennifer (Charlotte Beaumont) is on the run. This Aussie has fled to Amsterdam where she is an international fugitive for the murder of her dad and brother. Extenuating circumstances? There always are, but in this one is innocent. Dodging cops, she runs onto the Happy Holland Tour Bus, in which Abe (Bart Klever) will take her and several other tourists on a windmill tour. The others? A beautiful model (Fiona Hampton) who is running away from something awful, Jack (Ben Batt) who just murdered a prostitute, and several other who have all broken the 6th Commandment. Guess what! The bus breaks down in a remote area with an ancient windmill hovering in the distance.
The kills begin immediately and will be quite gory. The windmill is occupied by a centuries old demon who collects sinful souls to send to Hell. When it kills, it uses human blood to power the mill. One by one our tourists fall...or get dissected...or get pulled apart. Whatever death they caused, the unfortunate tourists will endure in their own demises.  Jennifer is eaten up with guilt and is looking for atonement...will this be enough to save her? Our demon miller is monstrous and unmerciful, and to make matters worse...he has help.
Will genuine guilt and the search for atonement save Jennifer and any of the other tourists? What is the backstory of the demon miller? Yeah, I know what you're saying..."...this doesn't sound too original and I've seen this plot before." I won't argue that, but again...the kills are quite gory, the acting is terrific, and the final scene will have you muttering, "Wow! I didn't see that coming." Directed by Nick Jongerius, "The Windmill" is a lot of fun and not for the squeamish. This film is available on Netflix.

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  1. Who knew Windmills could be so deadly? Good review, Christopher. Who knew it would be so gory?