Friday, September 29, 2017

The Last Supper, Hunk Eats Babes

Lots of Japanese babes just yearning for pre-marital sex. A handsome hunk and Japan's most renown plastic surgeon who wants to eat them. No not a porn film...a cannibal extravaganza! In a smartphone age, communication is very important. A nubile and sex starved beauty may feel complimented when a hunk tells her, "I want to eat you." However, in 2005's Japan/Hong Kong horror film "The Last Supper," this error in communication will be fatal...and a little bit fattening.
A macabre dinner date
Dr. Yuji Kotorida (Masaya Kato) wasn't always a suave and debonair plastic surgeon to the stars. Nope, he used to be awkward, dimwitted, and physically challenged. During a humiliating matriculation through medical school, the socially inept Yuji manages to taste the fat of one of his cadavers...the rest is history. Jump forward, our good doctor realizes the meat of young beautiful women keeps him young, handsome, intelligent, and potent. Fortunately for him, Japan's hottest babes are throwing themselves at him, only to be added to his menu. A beautiful info-babe, Saki (Fumina Hara) is doing a feature on him and for Japanese TV and falling in love with him.
You won't believe what they just did
No need to methodically go through the plot as spoilers are as undesirable as too much garlic. This film may be reminiscent of the TV show "Dexter" but wait! In "The Last Supper," one thing is clear...cannibals aren't the only social deviance out there...and yes, they aren't as rare as we might believe.  Yuji seduces some great looking women before eating them.  We see him eat them, but beware, we also see him decapitate them, chop them up, gut them, de-bone them, and prepare them. Standard stuff to an extreme horror fan? Perhaps, but twists abound. The demise of the sultry info-babe Saki is shocking and delves into the orgasmic world of cannibalistic threesomes.
The unfortunate info-babe
Extreme gore and some horrific twists make "The Last Supper" (directed by Osamu Fukutani) a worthwhile watch. The ending? Yep, you'll be yelling "What the @#%& is that!" So, if you're bored with all those cooking shows on satellite TV, this will be a logical step up. Yuji's menu includes some beautiful actresses, most completely unknowing their fate when they give in to their sexual desires.


  1. Yep. Japanese horror. Let us learn how to kill people & torture them in various crazy ways. All backlit with awesome neon. Good review, Christopher.

  2. Wow how tf did I not hear of this one before?? Thanks very much for the heads up Christopher found it & will keep it (along with Nightwish which I'm not forgetting btw:)) for Oct 01 when I'll most likely be taking part in an annual October Horror challenge online.

    Very nice review & this sounds awesome, thanks again for the heads up. :)

  3. I haven't seen this either, sounds awesome. Foreign cinema is full of cool flicks!

  4. Well that's definitely on my watchlist now.Tasty