Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Patrick Still Lives, Telekinetic Doom for Nude Women

Not much good comes out of being alive long after death comes calling. Being attached to machines and stuck in a coma really messes up one's social life. After a few days, friends stop visiting and even the doctors and nurses don't empty your bedpan as often.  However, if a mad scientist takes you under his wing, there is hope. In the case of Patrick, a coma after a severe head injury hardly interferes with a young man's quest to rape and murder. Hence 1980's horror film from Italy, "Patrick Still Lives."
The Senator and Cheryl
A freak accident puts Patrick (Gianni Dei) in a coma for the rest of his life. Fortunately for him ,his dad is Dr. Herschel...mad scientist. At his country villa, Herschel has a lab where he maintains Patrick and three other schmucks in comas. Herschel then invites five guests to his villa. Invite? Actually the five guests were blackmailed into visiting. The guests: the over sexed nymphomaniac Stella (Mariangela Giordano), her stud beau Peter (John Benedy), Italian senator Lyndon (Franco Silva) and his whore wife Cheryl (Carmen Russo). Dr. Herschel has plans for them...and he will use Patrick to enact them. Herschel has figured out a way in which Patrick can maim and murder while in a coma using telekinetic powers. Patrick has refined his abilities to rip clothes off buxom women and rape his dad's pretty secretary, Lydia (Andrea Belfiore).
As the guests lounge around, have lots of sex, and prance around nude...Patrick begins his wrath. The death scenes remarkable, One of them will be boiled in the swimming pool, and the women? Let us just say the makers of this film were incredibly misogynistic. One woman will have her sex organs chewed off by German Shepherds and another one will have a large spike hammered up her...well, you'll see. Oh yes, this film has one of the best cat-fights ever put on film. As people die horribly, it is obvious Patrick has more in mind than just homicide.
Major league cat-fight
What common bond do the guests have which called them to the villa? What will be the fate of Patrick's sexual plaything, Lydia? Will Dr. Herschel meet a similar fate as most mad scientists, that of having their own experiments turn on them? Decapitations and sexual debauchery rule this sexual-horror flick. Directed by Mario Landi, "Patrick Still Lives" is one of the most misogynistic horror films you'll see this week.


  1. Misogynistic horror? Lovely. Anything that combines telekinesis with random sex acts has got to be entertaining. Oh those crazy Italian filmmakers are at it again. Pass the popcorn! Good review, Christopher.

    1. This film SO needs to be seen by all right thinking people. :D

  2. Lol great review & glad you seen this one Christopher, it's one of the most shameless, tasteless, grubbiest exploitation flicks out there and needless to say, I loved every sleazy trashy no-redeeming-features-at-all-whatsoever- minute of it. Moral of the story- a film such as 1978's Patrick doesn't even need to take the box office by storm in order to get a shameless and shamelessly entertaining Italian titular only sequel cash in!
    Glad you dug it & hoping more fans get to see it. :)