Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Year's Evil, 5-4-3-2-1-DIE!

Fans of B horror films know exactly who Taaffe O'Connell is. In 1981's Galaxy of Terror this tall, sultry actress played Dameia, blonde spacebabe.  Her death in that film was the most excruciatingly awful and humiliating death ever put on film. If you remember, and I know you do, Dameia was jumped on by a giant, slimy worm, who spit its juices on her, tore her clothes off, and raped her to death. A year earlier, Ms. O'Connell would play Jane, a very naughty nurse, in 1980's "New Year's Evil." Wearing a white nurse outfit, Ms. O'Connell is sliced and diced to death by a psycho while she engages in pre-marital sex with him. Very sad. Very timid, as compared to her death in Galaxy of Terror but very appropriate for 1980s slasher flick.
The unfortunate Nurse Jane
Blaze (Roz Kelly) is the hottest TV host in Hollywood's New Wave Rock scene. She is hosting a very loud New Year's Eve show which will ring in the new year across four time zones.  The evening starts out with live studio performances and call-in lines for requests.  The first caller is a psycho (Kip Niven) as New York ushers in the New Year. The psycho tells Blaze he will call every hour and murder someone as the clock strikes twelve. On cue, at midnight east coast time, he sneaks into an insane asylum, seduces Nurse Jane, and carves her up during sex as the new year begins. Horrified, Blaze calls the police as Chicago will celebrate the new year in an hour.
The unfortunate Teri Copley
The psycho continues to call Blaze's show as the cops try to trace the calls.  Remember Teri Copley? 1980s beautiful blonde actress...she'll be next. As Aspen readies itself for their new year, every cop in L.A. is combing the city making our psycho's quest more difficult. More determined and much more desperate, our psycho needs to find a babe to sacrifice and he heads to the drive-in.  Killing is now much more complicated as he now has a biker gang and the entire police force after him. A wild series of mis-steps and events will get our psycho really angry. Can you guess who he selects as his L.A. new year's victim?  Yep, that's an easy one.  Killing Blaze won't be so easy as the hotel which hosts the show is teeming with men in blue.  Our psycho isn't intimidated, however, and he heads over there with an ingenious plan.
Will Blaze survive her own show?  Can white nurse's uniforms be cleaned of blood stains?  Is sacrificing a young babe to begin a new year an accepted practice in other cultures?  However standard a slasher film this may be, "New Year's Evil" turns into an exciting horror film over its final 15 minutes.  Plenty of potential psychos and lots of tangential gory kills make this film a must see for slasher film fans.


  1. I loved this slasher flick when I was a teen. Pinky Tuscadero was my idol and Kip Niven was like the poor man's Jeffrey Combs. He was always creepy. Good review, Christopher.

  2. Lol this was actually on TV over my way a while back & I still have it recorded. Nice review as always mate:)

  3. This is one I haven't seen, but it's queued for later today possibly. Chris, once again, your review has sent me searching for another slice 'em and dice 'em horror flick.

  4. this is a good review. i like this movie

  5. this is a good review. i like this movie