Monday, July 3, 2017

Evils of the Night, Space Vampires Ginger and Cat Woman vs. Nymphomaniacs

A hospital run by alien doctors which include Julie Newmar, Tina Louise, and John Carradine. This trio are aided by alien lesbian space babes acting as nurses, and who love to make-out with each other. Their objects of desire? Nubile bikini babes and their hunk boyfriends. These babes and hunks have lots of pre-marital sex and partake in lots of skinny-dipping. Oh yes, the babes like to rub lotion all over their topless cohorts.  I know, you're thinking, "how did I miss this one?!" Hence 1985's "Evils of the Night."
Alien lesbian spacebabe nurses 
Space aliens have taken up in an abandoned hospital in order to collect college students for the purpose of draining their blood.  This alien race needs the youngsters' blood to save their own race. Cora (Tina Louise), space-babe, hires two redneck mechanics (Neville Brand and Aldo Ray) to collect the hunks and babes. These two drooling perverts are only too happy to satisfy the beauty from outer space, as they also get to rape the bikini gals.  A nearby lake is where the students hang out and pre-marital sex, gratuitous suntan lotion rubbing, and skinny dipping rule the day. As the two head aliens, Dr. Kozmar (Carradine) and Dr. Zorma (Newmar) demand more nubile teens, lesbian space babe nurses prep the students for blood letting.
Cat Woman and Ginger in the lab
As beautiful nymphomaniacs fall to the aliens, Nancy (Karie Emerson) escapes from her hospital room. Nancy will have to overpower these space-babe lesbian nurses, which she does, and run to safety for help. Also, two blonde beauties (G.T. Taylor and Bridget Hollomon) and their hunk beau must free themselves from their bindings at the garage of the two rednecks before the gals are raped and turned over to Cora.  As Zorma and Kozmar fret that they still don't have enough blood to save their planet, Cora does her best to secure the teens.  As Nancy makes a break, her and Cora will engage in some nice cat-fights, and the future of the human race is dependent on Nancy prevailing.
Prepping babes for rape and blood letting
Who will survive and who will perish?  The answer might surprise you as the plot doesn't follow the classic horror script.  Can Nancy fight off the lesbian space-babe nurses and Cora to help her friends and the rest of mankind?  Will Cat Woman and Ginger engage in an erotic cat-fight? Are alien-lesbian-space-babe-nurses the most underused plot device in cinematic history? Heavy of gratuitous sex and nudity, "Evils of the Night" is the perfect film for B horror film fans.  Fans of the TV shows "Batman" and  "Gilligan's Island" will love seeing Ginger and Cat Woman team up to conquer humanity.

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