Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Xtro, Vicious Alien Rapes Euro-Babes

"We want you to portray a Euro-skank who gets raped by a little kid and births alien eggs."  The lovely and very classy Bond-girl Maryam d'Abo (The Living Daylights) had to begin her acting career somewhere.  1982's "Xtro" was just such a film.  Yet the plight of her very unfortunate character sums up this cult horror favorite.  When she heard that above line from director Harry Bromley Davenport, one wonders if she smiled and was aroused...or was she disgusted but figured she needed a paycheck to pay the rent?
Sam's rebirth
Sam (Philip Sayer) is abducted by aliens while playing with his young son, Tony (Simon Nash).  Tony's mom Rachel (Bernice Stegers) doesn't believe Tony and assumes Sam has just run off.  Three years later, Rachel has moved to London with her son and moves in with a younger guy, Joe (Danny Brainin).  Also living with them is Analise (d'Abo), a very frisky nanny who likes to have pre-marital sex.  Uh oh...Sam returns with no memory of the past three years.  What a return it is. A sultry babe is raped by a monster and minutes later gives birth to Sam.  After birth, Sam returns to Rachel.  At first he and Rachel appear to be falling back in love, much to Joe's consternation.  But is this Sam?  He begins exhibiting weird behavior and it becomes apparent he is actually an alien looking to reclaim his son...and much more.
Back to Earth
Sam, or whatever Sam is now, has a plan which involves his son Tony and Analise's womb.  As Analise continues to have pre-marital sex, the viewer realizes her fate will be one worse than death.  Joe and Rachel remain ignorant to what Sam has become, but Tony is given some very alien powers, including the ability to make each one of his toys a homicidal weapon.  As Tony's toys inflict much carnage, the boy has a surprise for the nubile Analise.  What happens to Analise will be one of the most memorable scenes from 1980s horror.  What are Sam's goals?  Will Tony also become a monster?  Is Analise's fate the best argument against pre-marital sex?
Analise and cocoon
Playful and quirky, "Xtro" is also total horror.  As the final credits roll, viewers will be in shock at what just unfolded.  One wonders if Ms. d'Abo was ever told that her role in "Xtro" would be a stepping stone to becoming a Bond-girl.  Made in England, "Xtro" probably crossed many lines into the taboo, but that is what hardcore horror fans prefer.

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