Monday, November 7, 2016

Silent Madness, The Demise of Delta Omega Sorority

Delta Omega Sorority at Barrington Women's College is the latest sorority to be wiped out in a slasher film.  True, their coeds are nubile and sultry, but that won't help them stay alive.  Why do sorority houses endure the most horrible murders in slasher films?  This is an easy one to answer.  The guys that make these films, and put up the money for them, have all been rejected by beautiful sorority gals in their college careers.  Sour grapes, you might say.  Today we take a peek at 1984's "Silent Madness" which appeared in theaters in 3D.
17 years ago, the pretty coeds of Delta Omega humiliated an unstable maintenance guy who was spying on them during a spanking initiation rite (can we blame him?).  In return, he nailed them all....with a nail gun! This got our fiend, Howard (Solly Marx) committed to an insane asylum where he was pronounced criminally insane beyond hope.  It's 1984 and computers are starting to make our lives easier.  Not perfect, however, the computer makes an error and Howard is released.  The asylum doesn't care, but the stunning Dr. Gilmore (Belinda Montgomery) is ticked.  She knows that Howard is headed back to the scene of his bloody rampage.
Howard does head back and on his way, in beautiful 3D, offs a couple of campers having pre-marital sex.  Him with a sledge hammer, and her with a hatchet.  Before Dr. Gilmore arrives, Howard will compress Barbara's (Elizabeth Kaitan) head in a vice and burn off Lorraine's (Paige Price) face with hot steam.  Dr. Gilmore arrives determined to protect the surviving sisters.  Sadly, Dr. Gilmore will not do a very good job keeping coeds alive.  As Dr. Gilmore tries to locate Howard, she falls in love with a local reporter (David Greenan).  This guy won't be much help to her and we desire him to get cut in two.  Dr. Gilmore finds out Howard's backstory, but while she fills in the blanks, Howard continues to go through sorority sisters like crap through a goose.
Will Dr. Gilmore be able to save any of the sorority sisters?  Are there any ugly gals in sorority houses?  Dr. Gilmore will have to be cunning and smart to survive Howard, and the asylum administration who wish to cover up their error.  This film has some great kills, and some nice gore. Filmed in Jersey City, New Jersey and directed by Simon Nuchtern (who might or might not have been rejected by a sultry sorority babe in college), "Silent Madness" is available on YouTube.

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