Friday, November 25, 2016

War Goddess, Lesbian Babes vs. The Greeks

Now for some serious sexploitation! 1973's "War Goddess" (aka "The Amazons'") is the story of the great Amazon nation.  Made up wholly of beautiful babe warriors with no need for men.  Biting commentary of the virtues of a feminine society, free of corruption by males?  yeah, yeah...but also some great 1970s sexploitation featuring statuesque babes rubbing sacred oil all over their nude bodies and engaging in cat-fights and passionate lesbian love making.
After a grueling athletic competition, Antiope (Alena Johnston) is appointed new queen of the Amazons'. She won the crown by defeating her arch rival, Orytheia (Sabine Sun) in a nude wrestling match after they rubbed sacred oil over their naked bodies.  No wonder the Rio Olympics were a ratings failure. Not happy at the outcome, Orytheia does anything she can to undermine Antiope's rule, including stealing her lesbian lover.  These two will engage in more nude cat-fights and even a passionate love scene.  Uh oh....the Greeks are coming!  Once a year, the Amazons' pay them to mate and plant their wombs.
The Greeks love this chore, and the Amazons detest it....officially that is. Theseus (Angelo Infanti) plants his in Antiope....and much to her chagrin....Antiope likes it.  As the Greeks and Amazons' share mistrust, Antiope becomes infatuated with Theseus.  Orytheia uses Antiope's newfound distraction as a tool to unseat her from the throne.  These two beauties will demonstrate their love-hate relationship in a steamy scene which includes no clothes and the application of sacred oil. Gratuitous lesbian love scenes, gratuitous heterosexual love scenes, some epic war scenes, and political intrigue will bring this film to a violent and passionate conclusion where lots of babes will meet their demise.
Directed by Terence Young, this Italian epic will please the male chauvinists among us, and leave the feminists a bit perturbed.  If re-made in 2016, the ending would be totally different, no doubt, and CGI would replace a cast of thousands.  Available on YouTube, enjoy "War Goddess."

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