Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Freeway Maniac, Chainsaw Psycho vs. Space Babes

1989's "The Freeway Maniac" would be more aptly titled "The Chainsaw Psycho vs. Space Babes." Four sultry space babes are beset upon by slimy alien creatures, flesh eating zombies, and Arthur....our maniac.  Not all will survive.  Is this what "The Freeway Maniac" is about?  Yes!  Well... perhaps in a matter of speaking.  On our way to the space babes, Arthur will murder 26 schmucks. Even for slasher films, this is a formidable number.
Before we head to the future, off to the past we go.  As a child Arthur (James Jude Courtney) grabs a big knife and kills his mom and her lover while they are having extra-marital sex.  Arthur spends the next several years in an insane asylum until he murders a bunch of orderlies and a pretty nurse and escapes.  He immediately goes on another homicide spree, but when he gets to an actress, Linda (Loren Winters), she gets away and helps the cops capture him.  Unemployed actress Linda now is a hot commodity as her heroics are front page news.  She gets cast in a C scifi film, "Astronette." She'll don a skin tight suit, be furnished a laser, and given three other astronettes to command.  Uh oh, Arthur reads about this new budding starlet from his cell, and in another murderous rage, escapes.
Now free again, Arthur heads to the movie set, which is in the middle of the desert. Linda is busy fighting off creatures during the filming of "Astronette," and doesn't have time to realize Arthur has escaped.  As Arthur converges on the set he'll use scorpions, a chainsaw, a spear, as he spills much blood on the way to Linda's jugular.
Will our babe astronette survive the alien creatures, zombies, and Arthur?  Will someone actually make "Astronette" in real life...I need to see that film?  This is a vicious film as we see all of Arthur's 26 kills in 93 minutes.  Available in poor VHS tape quality on YouTube, it is time a BluRay is made of this lost 1980s classic, which was directed by Paul Winters.  

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