Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I Dismember Mama, A Mother's Day Gem

Let us head back to the 1970s drive-in.  1972's "I Dismember Mama" was a staple at these motorized movie complexes.  Opinions may differ on the artistic merit of this film, but the title is one of the best. The original title was "Poor Albert and Little Annie," which sounded too much like a Disney title.  What follows the new title is a vicious rape and torture fest which we avoid discussing in intellectual circles.
The opening scene is an extremely vicious one.  Watching porn in his insane asylum room, Albert (Zooey Hall) is interrupted by a nurse (Elaine Partnow). When she confiscates the films, Albert pummels her, rips her uniform off, and almost rapes her.  Our psycho is committed in this asylum because he tried to kill his mom (Joanne Moore Jordan) and believes all women are whores.  Next, Albert will kill an orderly and escape.  The cops are called and Albert's mother is moved to a safe house.
Albert arrives at his mom's mansion and finds only her maid, Alice (Marlene Tracy). Our monster humiliates this poor soul at knife point, tortures her, rapes and kills her.  Shortly after Alice's demise, her 11 year old daughter, Annie (Geri Reischl) arrives home. With Alice's corpse still warm, Albert abducts her by telling her that her mom is out and he is supposed to care for her.  Cute Annie has no clue and Albert takes her to parks and ultimately to the bridal suite at a hotel.  We see Albert lust after this girl and are given hints of what he wants to do to her.  Albert's perverted and homicidal deeds aren't done, but will Annie fall victim to his delusion? Will Albert ever get to dismembering his mama?
Lurid and taboo, "I Dismember Mama"was a drive in favorite in the 1970s. Directed by Paul Leder, and gratuitous in it's kill and rape scenes, this is not a film to bring up for discussion with polite and refined company.  If you are curious, this film can be found on YouTube.

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