Thursday, October 6, 2016

Planet of the Vampire Women, Space Babes vs. Vampire Babes

Made for $25,000 in a warehouse in Sacramento, 2011's "Planet of the Vampire Women" is a much better film than any of the "Star Wars" films.  Primarily, every babe in this film is hotter than any women in the "Star Wars" films.  A brief summary of today's babes, often nude, and often covered in blood, fighting bloodsucking hotties.  Mutant creatures, giant space insects, vampires, and doomsday bombs will play havoc with some sexy space pirates...who could ask for more?
A group of space pirates robs an intergalactic casino.  Unfortunately, the hit got violent and a lot of blood was splattered, usually over nude women.  Captain Richards (Paquita Estrada) leads our babe pirates and commands their ship on a getaway romp.  Her crew consists of first mate, and former marine, Ginger (Liesel Hanson)....a pleasure clone, Astrid (Stephanie Hyden)...Automatic Jones (Keith Letl), a cyborg...Pepper Vance (Ashley Marino)...Miranda (Danielle Williams), a junkie biker chick...and a few more.  Pursuing them is cop, Val Falco (Jawara Duncan).  Both Falco and our gals crash land on a mysterious moon where Cpt. Richards is turned into a vampire by a mysterious beam.
Richards then starts biting the babes on her crew and flees the ship.  Falco and the gals team up to look for Richards and some missing babes.  As Astrid and Falco fall in love, and to Astrid's demise, let their guard down, the vampires pick off the girls one by one. As some sultry space babes get killed by monsters or turned into vamps, Falco and the surviving babes learn the secret of this barren moon. Now our survivors race against a doomsday clock to see to the destruction of the lady vamps, and prevent them from travelling to Earth.
Will our great looking protagonists survive this horror?  Shouldn't pleasure clones be a more often used plot device in modern science fiction? Will Earth babes be spared the carnage our femme-pirates are enduring?  This film, directed by Darin Wood, has more eroticism and pleasure than Mario Bava's "Planet of the Vampires."  For an alluring and fast paced horror/action/scifi epic, enjoy "Planet of the Vampire Women," available on YouTube.

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