Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Jail: The Women's Hell, Sadistic Guards, Menacing Lesbians and Rampant Nudity says the description on the back of the DVD case for 2006's "The Jail, The Women's Hell," directed by Bruno Mattei.  Actually that description is quite tame compared to the actual gratuity and carnage in this film.  Picture Women's Prison Massacre on steroids.  In order not to offend the more pure among us, I will refrain from describing the gratuity, however, I will offer it up in a more subliminal manner. This was one of Mattei's...GRATUITOUS films, and one of the bloodiest. Extreme Euro-Sleaze, shot in the Philippines, ...GRATUITOUS MUD WRESTLING...let us begin.
Jennifer (Yvette Yzon) is delivered to an island jungle prison for women.  The inmates are...GRATUITOUS SHOWER SCENE...constantly whipped, even after they die.  The warden (Odette Khan) is a sadist and so are her guards. Jennifer....GRATUITOUS FIRE-HOSE selected to be a whore at a local brothel. Her and the more attractive girls are turned into exotic dancers who are offered...GRATUITOUS LESBIAN SHOWER slimy grunts.  Jennifer's new existence is now to be tortured and brutalized during the day and licked, raped, and groped at night.  Our protagonist...SNAKE RAPE...begins to plot escape.  Refusing the governor's advances...BONDAGE...has only gotten her into trouble, she decides to fake a desire to be the governor's personal whore.
One night, the governor rents Jennifer and her friends out to some rowdy Filipinos...RAPED, HUNG, AND QUARTERED...but Jennifer has a plan.  She and her girls will get everyone drunk and then run away after....SPIKE CARNAGE...the men pass out.  Now Jennifer and her babe friends are fleeing...SHOTGUN CARNAGE...through the....IMPALEMENT....jungle.  Uh oh! The governor anticipated this and sets loose horny natives and psycho gangs to hunt the escapees. Not all...DECAPITATION...the girls will survive, but Jennifer is very....TONGUE AND @#&%!* CUT OFF....clever.  Will any of our gals survive?  Will the Philippines ever enact penal reform? 
This is a brutal and gory film....ORGY AND DRUGS....and not for everyone.  The InterVision DVD presents this sexploitation epic uncut, so...HUNGRY RATS... be warned.  Even for the seasoned pro, some of the scenes will be difficult to watch.  High in energy, not ten seconds ever go by when we are not reminded that we are watching an extreme, sleazy, exploitation film shot in Asia. 


  1. U pain attention,Orcar?!

  2. Very clever method to not offend the more puritanically refined among your followers. With that said, I'll file this one away in the Never-to-see-the-dark-of-day section. Gratuity can become too gratuitous even for a thin-skinned, thick-necked survivor of the jocular holocaust like me.
    Superb review Mr. Zisi!

  3. Insert Orsom Welles Clapping Animated Gif here... :D

  4. This film should be seen as a mandatory requirment by law. This may sound a tad...irrational but I stand by my comment dammit! It's a genuine throwback flick imo & you could be forgiven for thinking it was made in 1982 or whenevs, as opposed to 2006. One of the things I loved about Bruno is that he just kept right on going up until his sad passing. Very n ice review Christopher & I'm quite happy another horror/exploitation fiend has seen this one. :)