Thursday, November 5, 2015

Apartment 1303, Apartments don't Kill People...People Kill People The Detroit Police keep telling Mischa Barton.  How about ghosts?  Do they kill people?  In 2012's "Apartment 1303" (...filmed in 3D), that is exactly what happens.  A lurid ghost story, perhaps not too original, but with a very attractive cast.  Mischa Barton, Julianne Michelle, and Rebecca DeMornay all star as a dysfunctional mother-daughter-daughter trio. Set in Detroit (, that's not the scary part) but filmed in Montreal, this Michael Taverna film is a modest but effective horror story.
Pretty Janet (Michelle) finally leaves home and moves into Apartment 1303.  She avoids the warning of the creepy little girl bouncing a ball in the hallway.  The warning was leave and don't come back. This of course spells doom in these kind of films, which is very sad as Janet seemed like a nice sort.  However, just like previous tenants, she is beat up by an angry ghost and thrown off the balcony. Lara (Barton) is anxious to leave home, as well, as her mom (DeMornay) is a violent drunk who writes weird songs. Bad move, Lara moves into Apartment 1303, also ignoring the warnings of the creepy little girl bouncing a ball in the dark hallway.

Lara claims she wants to get to the bottom of her sister's death, convinced it wasn't suicide.  The ghosts of Apartment 1303 quickly introduce themselves.  They want Lara gone.  Perhaps there's hope...there is now one additional ghost....Janet!  Not only does Lara ignore the sage advice of the creepy little girl, she ignores her dead sister's advice to get out.  Also an unwise move. Lara learns the dark history of the apartment and the identity of the malignant spirits who have defined their turf.  The ghosts are adamant, but so is Lara.  A horrific final showdown will result, which will end up on the balcony.
Will Lara prevail even though her ability to heed warnings leaves much to be desired?  What are the secrets of the apartment?  Are the neighboring tenants (including the creepy little girl) ghosts, too? Can someone hire Rebecca DeMornay a voice coach?  Available on Netflix, for a light but ominous ghost story, enjoy these very pretty actresses in "Apartment 1303."


  1. A movie with few memorable quotes. My fave: " A girl from 1303 jumped off the balcony... and died." Like there could have been any other outcome.

  2. You had me at bouncy ball. Those things always scare me. Particularly when they bounce down a staircase!