Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Death Race 3: Inferno, Fast Cars, Violent Men, and their Women

From Executive Producer Roger Corman, and featuring a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, today's feature is 2012's "Death Race 3: Inferno."  On the surface, this would appear to be a shoot-em up, blow-em up romp through South Africa.  Throw in some cat-fights between babes in leather bikinis, flame-throwers, machine guns, roving gangs of hoodlums, and tons of horsepower and we have a real winner.  So don't be a wuss, and leave off your seat belts as we delve into an explosive action flick.
Plot?  If you insist.  Lucas (Luke Goss) is an inmate who races cars in a futuristic prison's race circuit. If he wins five races, he earns freedom.  Each driver is some psycho inmate, and accompanied by a buxom babe, female inmate as navigator.  16 navigators, but only 10 drivers, so the vixen-warden devises a contest in which the babes are clad in leather bikinis, given flame-throwers, hatchets, or knives and told to fight until six are killed.  Fortunately for Lucas, who wears a mask and is referred to as Frankenstein, his GF, Katrina (Tanit Phoenix, our SI model) survives.  Oh yes, an evil corporation headed by York (Dougray Scott) puts these races on pay-per-view.  Here is another really neat thing, Lucas' crew-chief is Goldberg....played by DANNY TREJO! Yes!
The cars are fitted with weapons, such as machine guns, more flame-throwers, and rocket launchers and the racers are encouraged to kill their opponents. The citizens of the neighborhoods...or slums...in which the race course goes through are hostile warlords, who also want to kill the racers.  Frankenstein is the big ratings draw, and York doesn't want him to win.  If Frankenstein wins, that would be the fifth win for him, entitling him to freedom.  A freed Frankenstein also means future races won't have him as a ratings draw.  York advises Frankenstein that he will blow him up if he wins.  Does Frankenstein have what it takes to throw a race?  Or...does Frankenstein have a plan of his own? ...of course he does!
Here are some tips for you when you watch "Death Race 3."  Pay very close attention.  Frankenstein makes lots of deals and devises some creative plans....but you'll have to figure out what they are.  What, on the surface, appears to be a total action blow-out, ends up being a well thought out battle of wits between Lucas (Frankenstein) and York.  Also watch rival navigator, Amber (Tanya van Graan) very closely.  She's a total knock-out, enjoy her.  Available on Netflix, treat yourself to all the pleasures of "Death Race 3: Inferno."

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